Just Another Manicure Monday...

It's Monday again...time to paint my finger nails!  Today I used Zoya Kennedy, from the Zoya Feel collection.  I have two other colors from this collection, which I will post pictures of soon.  They are all beautiful neutral colors that I think would work well on any skin tone.  Kennedy is a light nude beige color.  I apologize for the bad polish job...I was painting them at Carl's Jr. while my kids were playing.  Not the most ideal place, but when you are a mom you have to work with the time you have!

What's on your nails today?



  1. I love that color! I put a nice light pink Bon-Bon's color on my nails this week (no name on it)! :)

  2. oh wow I love that color! and it makes your hands look so feminine and gorgeous. I've never heard of that brand! thanks for introducing me to it!

    The House of Shoes

  3. Zoya is awesome. That is a pretty color.

  4. Ever since getting a Zoya sample nailpolish in my Birchbox, I have fell in love. This is an awesome shade!