We are so excited to begin this blogging journey and see where it takes us. Our main goal with this blog is to keep our readers informed with beauty product releases and reviews, as well as show how to be fashionable and modest at the same time!

We believe that every woman should feel beautiful. While true beauty lies on the inside, putting on makeup and styling our hair sure can be fun! Some of our favorite beauty products are nail polish, eyeshadow and lipgloss...so you will be sure to see a lot of those products featured on this blog.

It is also fun to dress up, so we will be bringing you ideas to enhance your wardrobe. Why modest fashion, you might ask? For some women it is uncomfortable to wear revealing clothing, for many women it is because of their personal values, and for us it is our religious beliefs. Whatever the reason, we want to help women find a happy medium between the current trends and keeping certain areas covered! Showing more skin or wearing clothing that leaves nothing to the imagination doesn't mean you will be considered more attractive. We have nothing against people who choose to dress this way, we just choose not to. The truth of the matter is that the fashion of today often consists of short hemlines and cleavage-baring tops. However, there are ways to still get a similar look without baring all and we will try to show you.

We hope you will join us on our blogging journey!



  1. looking forward to your posts and thanks for joining the dress giveaway and following my blog =))

  2. so awesome finding new inspirations from other mom bloggers. :) you're a terrific writer, and i'm inspired. :) had fun browsing, and i am following you now... hoping we can stay connected, and wishing you all the best on your blog. :) cheers, and have a nice weekend!