Manicure Monday...on Tuesday. Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!  I totally forgot about Manicure Monday yesterday, so today I am going to share my heart nails with you.  I thought I had a brilliant idea, which actually turned out just to be a mediocre idea.  I really wanted to paint hearts on my nails, but I didn't have a stencil and I am not the best at free hand, so I thought maybe I could try to make my own stencil.  Here is what I did:

Step 1: Paint nails a solid color.  I used Revlon "Valentine". (I thought it was fitting)
Step 2: fold masking tape in half and cut out a heart shape. There may be a better type of tape to use, but this is all I had on hand.
Step 3: Place tape on nail.  Make sure it is pressed down firmly so the polish won't seep underneath.
Step 4: Paint another color over the tape. I used white.
Here is what you will end up with!
Step 5: Repeat on the other nails.  I cut out a smaller heart for all the other fingernails and just used the big heart for the thumbs.

Overall this method worked alright.  I found that if I let the polish set for about 15 seconds before peeling the tape off it was smoother.  I wanted to try another method on my daughter, so I just used a toothpick.  Here is how I did her nails:

Step 1: Paint nails a solid color.  I used Revlon Plum Seduction.
Dip a toothpick into another color of polish.  I used Revlon Lilac Pastelle.
Gently apply polish to nails in a heart shape.
I think the stencil method turned out a little better, but the toothpick method was definitely the easier option.  I think next time I will just get one of those nail polish pens that make it easy to draw shapes!  But if you don't want to spend the extra money this is a decent option.
I love Valentine's Day and it was fun painting nails with my little Valentine!

What do you think?

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  1. cute!
    I don't think I'd have the patience to be so crafty with my nails.

    they look so cute though!

  2. Oh this is too cute! I wish i would have seen this LAST night so I could have made it work for today =(. But cute blog!

    xx Missy

  3. Omg love love your nails!


  4. i really, really LOVE your blog hun! it's lovely and i'm happy to have found it today! keep up the great posts, because i'll be coming back for more! hehe

    newest follower! ♥

    hugs, xo!

  5. So cute!!!! I love them!! Valentines Day gave me such a great excuse to do a cute mani! lol

    Thank you for following my blog & joining in on the blog hop!!!


  6. This is adorable!! I kind of wish I had kids to try this nail tutorial out ;)