New York City, Part II (Times Square)

At the end of our first night we wanted to go check out Times Square.  Our hotel was in a really great location, only about two blocks away, so we walked on over.  For some reason it wasn't as big and bright as I expected it to be.  There were a lot of advertisements all over, but I just imagined there would be more.  It was definitely a fun atmosphere though!  I just wish I would have purchased a hot dog from a street vendor.  Oh well, maybe next time!
Catherine was too scared to ask the NYPD to take a picture with her, so I had to be the good friend and ask for her.  They were very nice and agreed to a photo.  But, is it just me or do these officers look like they could still be in high school?
I loved these steps that lit up with red lights!

Part III coming soon...

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