New York City, Part III (Architecture, Central Park, FAO Schwartz, Grand Central Station)

One of my favorite things about New York City was the architecture. There were some amazing old buildings, as well as great modern ones. I am a sucker for historical buildings though...and NY didn't dissapoint!
You probably recognize this beauty from the movie Home Alone 2. This is the Plaza Hotel.
This is the iconic Empire State Building, it is huge!
The World's largest Macy's store.
Some beautiful churches.  They reminded me of Europe.

Our hotel was much more modern and the view from our room was nice.

Catherine was excited to get a bagel.
Central Park
Tiny little Catherine on top of this neat bridge.
I bet it is beautiful here in the Springtime.
FAO Scwartz was definitely the biggest toy store I have ever seen.
Catherine's favorite part of the trip was visiting Tiffany's!

Grand Central Station was a beautiful building inside and out.  There was even a movie being filmed while we were in there.

Stay tuned for the final New York City post...sorry for the picture overload, but it is really hard to narrow it down!

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