My dog, No-Bake Cookies, a Link Party and other random things.

 Here are a couple things I have been thinking lately:

1. My goldendoodle (Golden Retriever/Poodle) Gary needs a haircut so I can stop finding his hair in my mouth when I wake up. 
2. I really need to dye my hair and I hate that I have some gray hairs at 27 years old.
3. I wish I didn't have to go work on an airplane for 4 days straight when I would rather stay home with my family and craft/blog/hang out.
4. I wish I actually found good stuff when I went to the thrift store.
5. I need to start donating plasma to supplement my shopping addiction.
6. No-Bake cookies are my weakness. If you have never had them you are missing out.  They probably don't look appetizing, since they kind of resemble poop in the picture below...but they are amazing!
Just a heads up...I am starting a weekly linky party called Lovely Things Thursday. I would love to have everyone add their projects, recipes, outfits, etc.  You can start submitting projects tonight at 5pm mountain time, so be sure to come back and show me what you are up to!


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