A Question About Modesty

I recently received the following question on this post.  As I was replying I thought it would be a good idea to answer it in a separate post.

Anonymous‬ said...
Isn't it considered immodest wearing pants since the bible says that a woman should not wear mens garment and the other way round? I'm sorry for false English!

Dear Anonymous,

Modesty has different meanings to different people/religions. This blog is simply a place where I can share my ideas and outfits that I feel are modest to my standards.  Many people choose to cover their cleavage and upper legs, others choose to cover their entire bodies from head to toe.  Some women (like you suggested) choose to only wear skirts or dresses, instead of pants.  Women of my faith are free to dress in pants if they choose, however it is not recommended to wear pants to church meetings.  You won't see me wearing short skirts/dresses/shorts, tank tops, backless shirts, or anything showing cleavage in any of my outfit posts (or at anytime for that matter).

Most importantly, I think modesty is about showing respect for yourself and the body you were blessed with by your Heavenly Father.  It is important for women to be seen for the beautiful person they are on the inside.  When women dress immodestly it can sometimes be hard for others to see past their physical attributes.  This is my personal opinion and I have nothing against those who choose to dress in revealing clothing, I just choose not to dress in that fashion! 

One of the things I love most about living on this Earth is the fact that everyone is different.  We all have varying opinions, religions, and personalities.  I am also so grateful that we have the freedom to express our beliefs and ideas.  So, thank you for allowing me the chance to explain more about what modesty means to me and why I choose to live it!

I want to make it clear that I am not here to preach or push my religion on anyone.  Also, feel free to leave comments or questions as yourself, instead of leaving an anonymous comment.  I don't get easily offended and there will be no judgement from me.  I want everyone to feel comfortable asking questions and I will do my best to answer them honestly!



  1. I liked this post. Everyone sets their own standards for modesty. There are a few ground rules, like not wearing pants to church and such. But what someone may feel is ok, another person may not.

    I may think it is immodest to have your bra straps and cleavage showing, another person may think it is immodest to wear pants, basically everyone is in-titled to their opinion.

  2. I love this post. I was raised by a wonderful Mother who grew up in the 30's. She taught me to always be modest and cover up. I set standards for that throughout my life.I would never show cleavage and always cover up to my neck. I think it is this hype-sexulation of women through inappropriate clothing and behavior that causes many problems for young women in today's society. Great post. Time to go back to moral values and high standards.

  3. Thank you so much for explaining so well! I was the anonymous asker of the question and I am really impressed how fast you did answer! Thank you, your text explains it very well and I like your opinion, and truly share it!
    I grew up non religious and without parents who would tell me what to wear, but I feel really unpleasant when I`m showing cleavage or too much leg or something...I just feel better for myself when I dress modest! And I also agree with my pre-poster, the sexualized society of today can be a real problem for girls and women who are just seen as some pretty finery with nothing inside. Of course men should also stay modest and control their thoughts and needs...
    Oh, and I love your style and outfits! :)
    Thanks again for sharing your thoughts.

    Sarah, 25 from Germany

  4. Sarah, I am so glad you replied! I think it is great that you choose to dress modestly without having anyone tell you to do so!

    Also, I love your beautiful country. I had the opportunity to visit the Frankfurt area a year ago and I fell in love with Germany and its people!

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  6. Love your stand!
    Stopping by to say hi during the UBP2012!