Self-timers and Cheesy smiles

Jeans: Maurices, Purple Top: DownEast Basics, Cardigan: Maurices, Black Flats: Target, Belt: Thrifted, Earrings: Made Myself

Sometimes I feel silly taking pictures of my outfits in public.  Especially when I have to set up the self-timer...it's easier when my husband can just take them for me.  I do enjoy documenting my outfits though and the more I do it, the less weird I feel about it.  This time my daughter insisted I take a picture of her, she loves posing for the camera!   

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  1. Sometimes I feel a little silly too when there are tons of people around while I am trying to take fashion poised pictures. By the way your daughter is adorable! Already a fashionista :)


  2. Yeah, the whole taking outfit pics is tricky. I'm trying to teach my girls to take them for me....but they all end up blurry. :) You've got a cutie patootie there!

    The Mrs. and The Momma

  3. You girls are adorable. My little girlie and I took pictures this week too. You'll have to check out my post. :) Though I wasn't posing on purpose in mine. LOL! Love the field backdrop.
    Jessie at JessieGunderson.com

  4. I ALWAYS feel silly when I take my photos. I use my iPhone, a self timed camera app, and a tripod. I feel incredibly conceited and goofy when I take photos. That's probably why I've limited myself to posting photos of outfits I've worn to Sundays (right when I get out of church)!


  5. I've been saying I need to get a timer and tripod...maybe it will just be weird smiling at nothing. My husband takes most of my pictures, too and my daughter always wants to be included "I want to be in your fashion blog, Mommy"
    I think your pictures are great!

  6. ha, i feel the same way! my neighbor must think i am some creep, running the the camera then running away and posing, ha

    --heather anderson@ latterdaystyleblog.blogspot.com

  7. Aww your daughter is adorable. I know exactly how you feel! That's why I usually stick to my backyard ;) Love your blog!



  8. I feel awkward when I use the self-timer too! But your pictures turned out good - I usually never know how to pose for blog pictures. Blah. Your daughter is adorable, by the way.

  9. How sweet is your LG? Love the flowers on your top!

  10. I love the lavender shirt with the rosettes. Your background is beautiful. Your daughter is too stinkin cute. Thanks so much for sharing at Whimsy Wednesdays. Have a wonderful Easter.

  11. Isn´t it considered immodest wearing pants since the bible says that a woman should not wear mens garment and the other way round? I`m sorry for false English!

  12. Anonymous, thank you for your question. You can see the answer on my latest blog post: Question About Modesty