Sponsor Spotlight: Potentially Delightful

Hi!  I’m Stephanie from Potentially Delightful! I’m 26 years old and have a Master’s degree in Criminal Justice.  I am a crime-fighter by day (so-to-speak) and a blogger, maker of pretty things, and photographer by night.  I have a puppy who is almost a year old and he is the light of my life! 
I started blogging this past December when I was doing strictly photography.  My blog/photography business was called Captured in the Lens Creations.  I wanted to talk about all things photography and showcase my work.  After finding inspiration from so many other wonderful bloggers, I slowly transitioned into making pretty things, DIY projects, thrifting, etc.  That’s when I became Potentially Delightful. I feel this name encompasses what I do...it can all be potentially delightful! 
I still dabble in photography, but not as “professionally” as I did before.  The idea of photo shoots and making my clients photos “perfect” stressed me out and I wasn’t enjoying it.  So, now I do it for fun and take photos of...well, anything.  I love it!  My blog is about life, photography, DIY projects, fashion, and anything in-between. Some things you can find on my blog: outfit posts, lots of posts about my puppy, thrifting/antique malls/flea markets, DIY projects, crafts, etc.  I’d love for you to come check it out!


  1. Crime fighter by day, creative by night? AWESOME! :)

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    Classic+Glam Blog

  3. great guest post! and oh gosh, that dog is just the cutest!!!
    xo TJ

  4. I'm pretty sure that's the DEFINITION of puppy eyes! I love that Stephanie has this full, rich life doing so many different things and that she finds time to indulge her creative side, too. :)

    1. His eyes will always, always get you! You really honestly can't stay mad at him :)

    2. His eyes always get you. You literally cannot stay mad at him! lol :)


  5. Following from the May Day Blog Hop! Love your blog and looking forward to reading more :)