June Group Sponsor Giveaway Winners!

Hmmm...why do I look like a bug?
Have you ever looked at a picture of yourself and thought, "what was I thinking"?  Well, I had one of those moments yesterday.  I was waiting for the tires to get rotated at Les Schwab and since I was bored I decided to take a couple pictures of myself.  When I glanced at the pictures I was shocked at how big my sunglasses were! How did I never realize this before...I have had them for a year!  I don't think they look horrible, but they definitely make me look like a fly or something.  I'm pretty sure I will need to retire these sunglasses now.

In other news...I am so excited to announce the winners of the June Group Sponsor Giveaway!  If you see your name below, you will be receiving an e-mail from me shortly.  Thank you to everyone who entered and to all of my AMAZING June sponsors!!

Bird Shadow Box Frame and Necklace from Cup of Jo: Dani W.
Surprise Giveaway Package from Truly Lovely: Jill S.
Large Ad Space on Elise's Pieces: Cecilia H.
Large Ad Space on All Dressed Up: Sharon (The Tiny Heart)
Set of 3 Blog Buttons/Grab Box from Royal Daughter Designs: Jamie J.
Medium Ad Space on ModaMama: Tori R.
Medium Ad Space on My Beautiful, Crazy Life:  Jessica Marie T.
Custom Blog Header from Love Notes by Lauryn: Randi S.
XL Ad Space & 8x10 print from Anna Delores Photo: Shane P.
Banner Ad on Blissful and Domestic: Brielle D.
Medium Ad Space on Mom2MemphisAndRuby: Kelly H.
Pair of Earrings from Starletta Design: Lynne F.
Tote Bag from Adding Bliss: Morgan N.


Perfect Pool Day & GrUVy Wear Review

Today was HOT! The temperature hit a high of 99 degrees...so it was the perfect day for us to head on over to Seven Peaks Water Park!  This year we were able to get an amazing deal on a season pass, so there will probably be a lot of pool time this Summer (which is definitely fine with me).  The kids had a blast and loved all of the kiddie slides and splashing around in the pools.

This also gave my son the opportunity to try out the new swimsuit I was sent by GrUVy WearFirst of all, I LOVE the rashguard style swim shirt.  Both of my kids hate having sunscreen put on...so the less I have to apply, the better!  The top covers all the way from my little guy's neck to his elbows and is UPF 50+, so I don't have to worry about the skin underneath the suit getting burned.  Another thing I loved was the material.  It dried super fast and the fabric was soft against the skin (my son didn't complain all day, so I'm assuming he agrees)!

The only thing I would recommend is ordering a size up.  It states on the website that they are supposed to fit snug, but I know that my little guy doesn't like things to fit super tight, so I chose one size larger than he would usually wear and it fit perfectly!  
GrUVy Wear swimwear is made for babies, children and adults.  They also have hats, headbands and sports shorts for sale.  You should check out their cute products and if you see something you like, GrUVy Wear was kind enough to offer you lovely readers 15% off of your purchase (thru July 15th) by using coupon code SAVE1528! 
After our swimming adventure, we made a stop for some dipped ice cream cones.  I think this picture pretty much sums up our day.  We played so hard that even ice cream couldn't keep us awake!

Note: I received a complimentary swimsuit from GrUVyWear in exchange for this post.  However, all opinions expressed are my own.


Rustic Gem Review & Giveaway!

Turquoise and Coral are two of my favorite colors for Summer and this necklace from Rustic Gem is no exception!  I have loved having this beautiful Etsy shop on my sidebar for June and I hope you have been able to take a look at all of their lovely jewelry pieces.  They have such a huge selection to choose from...I could spend all day browsing their shop!  The necklace that the Rustic Gem ladies were so kind to send me is very nicely hand-crafted.  I make jewelry for fun, so I can tell if something is just thrown together, but this is a quality necklace and it's so beautiful!   

Here are some of my Rustic Gem favorites:
Coral/Turquoise Bracelet, Fuschia/Coral Necklace, Ivory/Jade Necklace
Not only is the jewelry great, but Rustic Gem's customer service is excellent...Tracy and Charyl were always super fast at responding to my questions, even though right now is their super busy season (by the way, if you or someone you know is getting married soon they have some lovely bridal jewelry options)! 

If you haven't yet had the opportunity to check out this shop, now is the time to do so...because it's time for a Rustic Gem giveaway!  One lucky reader will win the same necklace that I am wearing!  Just enter using the Rafflecopter widget below.  If you see something you want to purchase from this amazing shop (which I'm sure you will), you can use the promo code MODERN10 for 10% off of your purchase!
a Rafflecopter giveaway
The giveaway will be open until July 2nd and you must have a U.S. shipping address.  Good luck and be sure to also enter the June Group Sponsor Giveaway and the Dearest Lou Giveaway!

I would also like to mention that I hate getting old.  I had to cut off the top of the first picture, because you could see a few gray hairs!! It's definitely time to make a visit to the hair salon.  Oh, and the wrinkles around my eyes...eek!  Oh well, it happens to all of us eventually I guess.  Unless you get Botox...but I prefer having facial expressions.


The Perfect High-Low Dress

Dress: H&M, Sandals: Target, Necklace: Ebay, Bracelet: InPink
I have been looking ALL OVER for a great high-low dress that would be long enough in the front and I finally found one at H&M!  I kind of feel like I should be at the beach or pool when I wear this dress...it really is perfect for summer.  First of all, I love how this entire outfit only cost me $44 (dress: $30, shoes $12, Bracelet: won in a giveaway, necklace: $2 on E-bay).  I also love how I don't have to wear anything over it or under it to meet my standards of modesty, cause let's face it...I do not want to be wearing layers on 90 degree days!  

Usually I am a little afraid of horizontal stripes, since they can make you look wider and all (and I am not a small girl), but I think since the lower stripes are curving downward it's not too bad.  I'm pretty sure I could wear this dress every day this summer!

Have you found any good summer dresses lately?

Don't forget to enter the June Group Sponsor Giveaway, as well as the giveaway from Dearest Lou! Also, the winner of the DownEast Basics Giveaway is Sarah R, congrats!


Guest Post & Giveaway: Dearest Lou

One of my favorite blogs for style inspiration is Dearest Lou.  I was lucky enough to meet Cecilia at a local blogger meet up...and she is just as sweet and beautiful as she appears on her blog!  I am so happy to have Cecilia here today to answer some questions, so you all can get to know a little about her.  She also has a giveaway for you lovely readers, so be sure to enter using the Rafflecopter widget at the bottom of the post!   

How long have you been interested in fashion? Why did you decide to start posting pictures of your outfits?
I’ve been really interested in fashion ever since eighth grade. I remember prior to that I wasn’t really picky about what I wore but I remember wearing gap kids a lot growing up. By the time I started eighth grade I started developing my own sense of style and shopping for myself. I look back at pictures of myself and laugh at how horrible I use to do my makeup and how boring my outfit choices were. I decided to start posting pictures of my outfits mainly because of encouragement from a few of my close friends and peers in college who commented on my clothing and liked the way I dressed.

How has your personal style evolved since you started your blog? 
I don’t really have a specific style, it’s all over the place, but I guess it’s just gotten more and more eccentric as the months have gone by. I’m guessing I will mellow down and dress a little more professionally once I start my business career with my father, but we’ll see.

I love the way you are able to mix unique pieces in your outfits.  Any tips on how to combine fun pieces without looking like a toddler who dressed themself?
Thanks so much, that is very flattering of you to say! One of my biggest suggestions is to not be afraid to step out of your comfort zone! Whenever I go to the thrift store or shopping at a regular store I will try things on that I think are ugly or something I would never wear. Half of the time I walk out of the store with that item and it becomes one of my favorite pieces of clothing. Also, if you see another fashion blogger wearing something and you think it’s cute, it’s worth finding something similar and trying it out for yourself, you have nothing to lose (:

What TV show are you embarrassed about watching?
Well to be honest, I don’t really watch any TV. My husband and I usually watch movies in our free time. The only show I’ve been watching as of late was Mad Men and HIMYM, but both seasons ended for the year.

Do you prefer flats or heels?
I honestly prefer flats for comfort, but heels for look. I feel that heels make me look leaner and taller. If I ever wear heels somewhere I always carry a pair of flats in my purse just in case my feet get tired or we do a lot of walking.

What are your goals for the next year?
My biggest goal for the next year is to prepare to become a great mother and to love and take care of our little one on the way. I also want to live a better lifestyle and prepare nutritious meals for my family, but that’s going to take a lot of work since I’m not the greatest cook!


Don't you just love Cecilia?  She is going to be the cutest mom and I can only imagine how adorable that little baby is going to be!  Today Cecilia is giving away a Medium Ad Space on Dearest Lou for the month of July!  Just enter using the Rafflecopter widget below and the giveaway will be open until June 29th...good luck and make sure to stop by and say hello to Cecilia over at Dearest Lou!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Also, the winner of the EcoShag giveaway is Sophie...congrats!


June Group Sponsor Giveaway!

Hey everyone! I am SO EXCITED for this month's Group Sponsor Giveaway!  There are 13 great prizes, which means THIRTEEN lucky winners!!  Here are some of my amazing sponsors and the prizes that they are nice enough to be giving away.  Be sure to go visit all of these lovely ladies, you will be so happy you did!  Then enter using the Rafflecopter widget below.

Blog Pinterest Etsy
Blog Facebook Twitter
Blog Facebook Pinterest
Blog Facebook Twitter
Blog Facebook Twitter

Isn't this giveaway awesome?!  I just want to say thank you SO much to my amazing sponsors...it has been great having you on my sidebar this month.  I hope all of you lovely readers will go say hello to each and every one of them!

The giveaway will be open until June 29th...Good luck :)


Guest Post: The Thing About Joy

 Hi everyone! I am Bree from The Thing About Joy. I am so excited to be sponsoring Modern Modest Beauty this month, it's such a lovely blog and Jenn is just so sweet!
Jenn sent me an email asking me a few questions about my blog and myself, and I was excited to answer them and share more about myself with you all! I hope you have fun reading them. :))

Who/what was your inspiration for starting a blog? When did you begin your blogging journey?
I had started blogging off and on a few years back, but didn’t get serious about blogging until February of this year. So, “The Thing About Joy” is a newbie blog still.  Just a few months old.  I wanted to start blogging because I needed a creative outlet. At the time, my family lived 20+ hours away from me, and I wanted to be able to share things that were going on in my life with them. Now that I have started I have fallen in love with being able to talk about whatever I want and let my creative genes fly!

What is your favorite part of your blogging experience so far? The biggest challenge you have had with blogging?
My favorite part has been meeting so many wonderful girls! I have made so many friends in such a short period of time, and even though I may not ever meet them in person (although I sure hope I do one day!) I truly relish the friendships I have made. It's been amazing! Biggest Challenge…probably the comparison game! There are sooo many blogs out there, and mine is definitely on the small side. So it's hard not to compare yourself to other blogs at times. But then, I just remind myself how much fun I am having with it! And honestly, who cares about the numbers? I started this for fun! And I am loving it!

Now lets get into more about you! Personal Questions:

What are some of your favorite hobbies?
Well.. there are a ton!  Seriously.  I always have 20 projects going and a gazillion more in my head that I want to do! :))  I love art, drawing, painting, digital design, home diy’s. All of it!  Right now I am in school for Graphic Design, so that is helping me to develop my digital design skills.  I have already started doing blog design work and I love it!  Also, I have been making myself sketch more, and I am trying to do one sketch a day for the next 30 days.  I started on June 12th, so wish me luck!

What is your favorite outdoor activity and why?
I love walking with hubs around places like Herman Park in Houston (artsy park), or The Woodlands (shops, waterway, etc). Bike rides. And swimming/tanning! I love to swim, and when I practice enough I can actually beat hubs. *proud moment*  lol! This is BIG for me, because he is faster at everything else than me!

What is your favorite form of exercise? Least favorite?
Favorite- spin class! I loveee spin class. Unfortunately my gym doesn’t offer it. I need to find a place I can go to just for that, because it's so much fun! And my least favorite.. running. Seriously. I only do it because it helps me loose weight. I just can’t seem to get into it! I’m trying.. still trying. But I’ve been trying for years, so who knows. Maybe one day I’ll get the running high!
Thanks so much for hanging out and reading about me today! I’d love to see you over at The Thing About Joy! Like I said, I loveee meeting other bloggy friends!
Blog | Twitter | Facebook


Isn't Bree adorable?!  I totally agree with her about the "comparison game"...it can be so hard to keep myself from comparing my blog to others.  Oh, and I am definitely with her on the running thing (I have never been a fan and don't see that ever changing!).  

Bree has all kinds of fun ideas and inspiration on her blog, so you will definitely want to check it out.  I am going to disable the comments on this post, so PLEASE go say hello to her!

One shirt, Two Ways

Pink Shirt: c/o Oasap, Gray Skirt (top picture): Walmart, Gray Skinnies (bottom picture): PacSun, Bracelet: Stole from Daughter
I'm a big fan of being able to wear clothing different ways.  This hot pink shirt from Oasap is one of those fabulous pieces that I can dress up or dress down!  To be honest, I'm not even sure which look I prefer.  The shirt tucked into the skirt is perfect for date night with the husband, but the untucked shirt with the skinnies is so comfy and casual! 
Which look do you like best?

Make sure to enter the DownEast Basics Giveaway and the EcoShag Giveaway!


DownEast Basics Review and Giveaway!

Shirt: Kohls, Crop Jeans: c/o DownEast Basics, Shoes: Target
Today I have another exciting giveaway for you lovely readers!  Have you heard of DownEast Basics?  There is a good chance you have, but if not you need to check them out right away!  A large portion of my clothing purchases come from this wonderful store.  In my opinion, they have the best selection of modest clothing all in one place. 

In these pictures, I am wearing the Living Legend Crop Jeans and I love them!  I have bought DownEast denim before and they have always been great quality...only once did I have a problem with a button coming off of the jeans (but that was probably because I wore them ALL the time, haha). 

Well, the nice people over at DownEast Basics have offered to giveaway any single item from their online boutique to one lucky reader!  Oh, and if you choose a two piece swimsuit that will count as one item (because wearing just one piece would be pretty awkward). Just enter using the Rafflecopter widget below! 

Note: You must be a follower of Modern Modest Beauty and you must have a U.S. shipping address to be eligible.  Also, the item you win will be the item you pin on Pinterest or mention as your favorite item in your comment (so make sure to take a good look around)!  The giveaway will be open until Monday, June 25th!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
P.S. I apologize for the awkward bum picture above, but I wanted everyone to see the cute detail on the pockets!

P.P.S. I have discovered that my kids really love to camp in the backyard.  Me...not so much. 


EcoShag Scarf Review and Giveaway!

Scarf: c/o EcoShag, T-Shirt: Target, Skinnies: Karma Boutique
I am so excited to tell you about one of my amazing sponsors, Tania from EcoShag!  Don't you just love this floral infinity scarf?  It has a fun retro print and the fabric is super lightweight!  Tania warned me that this particular scarf was more of a statement piece, but that is actually what I like about it. There is no need for jewelry or any other accessories, because the scarf is the focal point of the outfit!  

Here are some of my other favorites from her adorable shop:
1: Coral Flowers/Stripes, 2: Yellow Ochre, 3. Mint Green, 4: Gray Stripes
Today Tania is giving all of you readers the chance to win a $30 credit to EcoShag! Make sure to enter using the Rafflecopter widget below and the giveaway will be open until Sunday, June 24th. Must have a U.S. or Canadian shipping address to be eligible.

Also, if you would like to purchase one of EcoShag's lovely scarves, you can use the code MODERNMODEST at checkout for 15% off!
a Rafflecopter giveaway
And the winner of the Shabby Apple Giveaway is Tabitha, congratulations!


Manicure Monday: Ombre Nails

Today for Manicure Monday I have a tutorial to share with you!  This was my first attempt at ombre nails (or gradient nails) and overall I think it went really well!  Here is what to do:
I think it's a fun look!  It would have been much easier (and less messy) if I used a makeup sponge, but I didn't have any at home.  Also, I don't think there was enough difference between the first and second color.  But, you get the idea! The colors I used were Sally Hansen "Mint Sorbet" (base), NYC "Mint Macaroon" (2nd color), Nicole by OPI "Green Up Your Act" (3rd color), and Wet n' Wild "Kaleidoscope" (glitter).

So, what do you think?  Have you tried this before?