Guest Post: ModaMama

I have such a treat for you...Joanna from ModaMama is here today!  If you haven't previously read her blog all you need to know is that she is a hilarious and fashionable mom, actor and photographer.  Lucky for us, she somehow finds time to blog and share her experiences!

I asked Joanna to answer a few questions, so we could get to know her better:
Who or what inspired you to start blogging? When did you begin your blogging journey? 
I always kind of feel embarrassed answering this question because well, I started blogging because I needed a reason to get dressed!  I was at home with spit up on my clothes, along with various other things, my hair tied up in a bun all the time, and basically recycling every jean and sweatpant possible.  I had no reason to get dressed, but as more and more time passed I was slowing starting to feel progressively worse about myself.  It's hard to be sexy in a week old hair bun and too loose sweatpants rolled up at the waist.  Trust me I tried.  You should have seen the look of horror on my Husband's face, followed by the look of horror on mine when I saw myself too!

Now, don't get me wrong, Andrew loved me regardless, and he was all up in my bid-ness regardless, let me tell you, but I just wasn't feelin' it.  I also needed something that was mine, I was afraid of losing my own voice to the one crying and demanding me 24/7.  So I started getting dressed in the morning, and taking pictures, and writing about the various things in my daily life that made me arch my eyebrow and smirk.  And that's how ModaMama came to be.  
Slowly, I started to feel like I was still me, and my attitude changed. I get dressed.  I wear really pretty, and dare I say glamorous, things to the local playgroup because you only go around once and you might as well enjoy it.  I don't care that my gorgeous dress got peanut butter on it - that's what dry cleaning is for, am I right?  And if it's ruined, oh well it's just a piece of clothing and at least I had fun and looked good in it.  That's the attitude that rules ModaMama today.  
What has been the biggest struggle you have experienced with blogging so far? How did you overcome it?  What has been the most enjoyable part of blogging? 
To be honest, I blog because I like to dress up, and because I like to take pictures and write.  I don't really expect anyone to read it, and I'm always flabbergasted and delighted when someone does. It really makes me smile and giggle when I know people read, but I haven't had too many struggles because it's always been my creative side project.  It's not my income, I don't try to make it so.  I have no Etsy shop or anything.  I act, and host tv, so this really is just a way to say 'hi.' In that way, I feel I have been blessed. Though, sometimes I find it hard to step back and not get pulled in to those that are trying to promote a business.  There's nothing wrong with that, it's just not the league I'm playing in myself. I promote ModaMama, yes, in so far as the more people know about me the more might go check out whatever show or film I'm in.  
How would you describe your personal style?  
Schizophrenic.  I'm all over the place, but one thing I won't sacrifice is comfort!  And I do like blue...as you can tell. 

What is one piece of advice for moms who want to look good, but don't have a lot of time? 
A blazer makes anything looks chic.  A scarf hides a multitude of sins - stains, spit-up etc.  And concealer under the eyes, with a little blush can help you not look like an extra from "The Walking Dead." 
Thanks for reading!  Hope to see you all on ModaMama!


Isn't Joanna great? I LOVE her attitude and fashion sense! Go check out her cute blog, you won't regret it.


  1. Its so great that you are okay with your clothes being ruined by the littles. Way to keep the most important things first without sacrificing yourself!