Happy Father's Day!

Me, My Sister and My Dad
I am so incredibly grateful for the family I was blessed with.  I seriously couldn't have asked for better parents (although my teenage self would probably disagree).  My dad has always been such a great example for my sister and I.  He's hard-working, caring and an all around good person!  He is the best Father/Grandpa ever...I love him so much and wish we lived closer! 

Part of me still feels like a child, even though I'm a mother myself.  I'm still growing up and maturing everyday.  Maybe that is how it will always be...do people ever "feel old"? I hope not.
The other father figure in my life is the Dad of my kids, my cute husband!  He is such an amazing parent, probably 5,000 times better than I am.  He can always get a baby to stop crying, or get the kids to stop arguing...he just has that magic touch! 

I also asked my lovely sponsors to share a photo of them with their Father/Father Figure.  Seeing all of these pictures just makes me happy inside...family is so important to me!  
Amanda and Dad, Daryl and Dad, Breanna and Dad, Bree and Dad
 Joanna's Husband and Daughter, Elise and Dad, Kristy and Dads, Lauryn and Dad
Lena and Dad, Lindsay Sister and Dad, Megan and Dad, Meredith and Dad
Kassi and Dad, Kayli and Dad, Tiff and Mom (Also had to be Dad!),
Cecilia and Dad

Do you have any Father's Day traditions?  We don't really have any, but I would love to hear ideas for starting some!


  1. You have such a cute family! Happy Father's Day to all men in your life!

  2. Stopping by via the blog hop and following!

  3. What a wonderful post.. ;)) Beautiful family.. I wanted you to know I featured you today via Mannequin Monday as one of my fav's from last week.. Hope you can stop in / take a look and link again if you can.. THANKS so much for sharing again.. Wishing you a perfect day - http://www.theartsygirlconnection.com/2012/06/mannequin-mondays-3-indy-beauty-hair.html

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  5. Happy Fathers Day to all the dads in your life! :) LOVED seeing all of those dad photos!!! :)