Why Buy When You Can Rent?

Am I an Aggie, a Saint or a Viking? I guess all 3!
You know what I don't miss? College.  I enjoyed the social aspect of it and I believe a degree can be a valuable asset.  But I hated going to class and I despised homework.  First I got my Associates Degree from Mt. Hood Community College, then made the move from Oregon to Utah and attended Utah State University.  I changed my major about 5 times and finally ended up finishing my Bachelors degree online at Portland State University (it's a Liberal Arts degree that I will probably never use...but at least I have it, right?).  I think what I hated even more than class and homework was the student loans! I still owe quite a bit of money and it seems like those loans are never going to disappear.  It's frustrating. 

Why am I mentioning this? Well...I never knew there was an option of renting text books.  Most of the time I was able to buy my books used, but even those were expensive.  If you are in school I strongly suggest renting your books, because you will most likely never read them again and they will just end up collecting dust on your bookshelf.  You should really check out http://www.campusbookrentals.com/ and see how much you could save.
For example, if you were to take the COMM 100 Course at Portland State, you would be required to read the textbook "Thinking Through Communication".  If you purchased this through PSU, a new book would cost you $100 or a used book would be $75.  I did a little search on CampusBookRentals and I discovered that it would only cost $27 to rent it for the entire semester! Oh, and there is free shipping both ways.  I seriously could have saved so much money...I am kicking myself right now. 

One of my favorite things about this company is that they donate a portion of each rental to Operation Smile, an organization that provides free surgeries to children who were born with cleft lip or other facial deformities.  If you are attending classes anytime soon, go check out CampusBookRentals and see if you can save some moolah (I'm pretty sure you can).

This is a sponsored post, however these views are 100% my own!



  1. That's good to know. Yes, it's awesome to have a degree. You never know when you may need it.

  2. Oh, we loved Campus Book rentals!! We used them the last three semesters of Hubby's time at the U of U. I wish we found them before! We used Chegg.com at first but Campus has even better rental prices!