Guest Post: Brooklyn from This Little Blonde

 Hey everyone! Today I have another amazing blog to introduce you to: This Little Blonde.   Brooklyn is absolutely adorable and SO sweet!  I also think she is pretty awesome, because she currently attends Utah State...Go Aggies!!  Please go visit her, follow along and leave a sweet comment!


Well hey there, sweet followers of Modern Modest Beauty!  Don't stop reading.  Really don't.  Because I'm about to spill my guts to you.  In a completely non-vomit inducing way...

Anyway,  today I'm here to tell you something life changing.  I am not perfect.
Other things I am not:

A wife. A mother. An every day leg shaver. A great cook. A diy-er. A partier. An early riser. An avid runner. A perfectionist. A fashion blogger.

Amidst all the things I'm not good at...And things I'm not...I AM a few things that are pretty great.

Things I am:
A Coke drinker.  A dreamer.  A Shine Project Intern.  Preparing for removal of my right thyroid.  A blogger.  Great at being a girl.  A letter writer.  Team Peeta.  A Disney movie watcher.  Brave.  A stalkee.  A lover.  A girl who believes that together WE can change the world.

Head on over to This Little Blonde and check me out. Say hi, because honestly I LOVE new faces. Plus, since my best friend left I feel pretty lame....Peace out loves!
You can find Brooklyn on her Blog, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest!

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