July Sponsor Spotlight

I am so excited to introduce a few of the lovely ladies that are gracing my sidebar this month.  They are each so amazing in their own way and I'm really enjoying getting to know them through their blogs!  I know you will love them just as much as I do, so be sure to stop by and say hello to each of these ladies!  Also, I asked them to share their favorite things to do in Summer:

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"We spend our summer outside!  Whether at the pool or at the park we love enjoying the sunshine because it does not last long here! Got to take advantage!"
This is Ashley from Flats to Flip Flops.  She not only has amazing style, but is beautiful on the inside as well...she started the Hudson Foundation to help couples struggling with infertility.  My favorite blog posts of Ashley's are her "Day in the Life" posts, where she chooses one item and styles it a different way each day for a week!

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"My absolute favorite thing to do during the summer is to travel with my husband to rodeos. There are so many going on during the season and it's a great time getting to travel around and see old friends. I also love to watch fireworks and go swimming!" 
Meet Kassi from Truly Lovely.  Kassi has become one of my good bloggy friends.  It's funny how you can have friends that you have never met in real life, but it seems like you know them!  Anyway, she's super crafty and her blog has tons of cute tutorials!  Oh, and she hosts a great linky party every Friday called Fancy This Fridays!

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"Summertime for me is the time to spend lots of time with my kids and to read good books-fluff and stuff fiction, biographies, and even an occasional self improvement book. Summertime is the time to be outside-hanging with my kids and reading. I love just hanging around outside. Not working-just sitting. The hammock lifestyle.=) That is the epitome of summer for me."
This is Bernadette from Barefoot Hippie Girl.  She just started up a weekly link party called Take Two Tuesdays, where anyone can add their favorite post of the week...so be sure to submit a link! Oh, and she has some great recipes!

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"Every year, my family and I go up to Lake Chelan in Washington. We spend the week waterskiing, wakeboarding and jetskiing (and of course, relaxing with the family!) This year, we even get to go white water rafting, which I'm sooo excited about!"
This is Alli and she blogs over at Allena Mistral.  She is really crafty and has some great DIY projects on her cute blog!  Alli will be opening up her new jewelry shop at the end of the month and I can't wait to see it!

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"My favorite thing about summer {besides my birthday, woo-hoo!} is going swimming and watching fireworks {usually separately}! Growing up I used to go swimming every.single.day and spend evenings lighting sparklers with my family. I hope I can pass that love down to my children and teach them all about the magic of summer!"
Meet Megan from And Here's to you Mrs. Robinson.  She is one of my good bloggy friends and she is seriously so sweet, kind and genuine.  Right now she is having a week full of giveaways for her birthday (I'm giving away ad space in her massive group giveaway), so make sure to enter!  


These ladies are all SO AWESOME!! So please go check them out and leave some sweet comments on their blogs...I know they will love it and you will be so glad to find some great new reading material!


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  1. Aw yay! Fun group of ladies for sure! :) So glad to be among them!!!! Hope you're having a good week friend!