Flight Attendant Diaries: A Nice Little Present

I think it's time for another Flight Attendant story.  Trust me, this is a good one.

The passengers had just deplaned and I was getting ready to pick up the cabin.  The other flight attendant comes up to me and says "Jenny, we have a problem".  The look on her face was priceless; it was a mix of disgust, fear and confusion all combined.  I was nervous, but very intrigued, so I followed her to the back of the plane...to the lavatory. 

What I saw next I don't think I can ever erase from my memory (and I have a bad memory, so that is saying a lot).  The lid to the toilet seat was down and resting on top of the lid was a full-sized adult poop.  Yes, that's right, a grown human being had left a turd on top of the toilet.  Not inside the toilet where it belongs (preferably flushed), not even on the toilet seat.  It wasn't the least bit squished either, so someone had to have been standing/squatting when they committed this horrifying act.  

I have two theories:

1. This was a deliberate attempt to ruin my day.
2. An old man (or woman) had to go REALLY bad and didn't have the strength to bend over and lift the toilet lid.  

I will never know which of these theories is correct.  Either way, if I knew who it was I would probably just thank them for providing me with such a great story.  


  1. oh my gosh! That is horrible. So disgusting... Some people


  2. Having worked with the elderly i am going with it being one if them...once you hit a certain age you become exempt from most everything in life.


  3. Yikes, this is disgusting! I'm sorry!

  4. Oh man--even though that's totally disgusting and I'm really sorry you had to clean up, it kind of just made my day that I'm not the only one who's had a rough week at work. So, er, thanks to Mr(s). Pooper for giving me a good laugh today :)


  5. How kind of you to consider your second theory. (The child in me was going to say, "theory number two", but my more mature side won out. Sort of.)

  6. Gross! I worked at a store where a customer wanted revenge and pooped into a men's urinal. I didn't see it, which is good. I hope I never have to see that when I'm on a plane.

  7. Oh..My..GOSH! Who are these people and where are their mothers!!!

  8. gross! I wonder if they were not american.

  9. hahahah this is hilarious! I am sorry this happened to you but I thoroughly enjoyed the story!


  10. Yikes! I feel so bad for you but that was a hilarious story!!

  11. THAT. IS. SO. GROSS!

    I don't understand people.

    Don't understand them one bit.

  12. My husband and I both just cracked up over this one, lol! Quite a "crappy" experience, pun intended. And, here I thought a Flight Attendant position would be so "glamourous", hmmm...I guess not always? You poor thing, wouldn't wanted to have had to deal with that!

  13. Oh wow... words escape me...but that sure did make me laugh (and screw up my face in an "eww" expression)


  14. I'm sure it was on purpose. If I accidentally did something like that, I would quietly and apologetically inform someone. So, either they are quite senile or just a jerk.

  15. Love your skirt! So cute!


  16. Maybe they had to pay excess baggage charges and felt they were getting their own back?! What if another passenger had come in after them and complained whilst the flight was still in progress? Then the people around them would have known who it was! Weirdness in the extreme!


  17. Good Lawddd, that is a crazy story :) I'm a new follower from Blissful & Domestic - I saw you were a Flight Attendant and I knew I had to come check out your blog. I am ex-FA :)

  18. Okay... said I'd poke around your website after the kiddos went down...and I'm so glad I did! Being a flight attendant was always a dream of mine. And I still love flying. So I'll look forward to reading your stories. And I HAVE to share a weird encounter I had with a flight attendant.

    I was reading Oprah's-made-famous "A Million Little Pieces" for a book club when a male flight attendant walked by and simply grabbed my book. No words, nothing, just kept right on walking. My only thought was that he had seen vulgar language and thought it was inappropriate. A few people around me saw it and we all sort of sat there bewildered. The flight attendants proceeded to go over all the safety announcements and once they had finished, the flight attendant announced that he had found a book, had anyone lost it? Umm, yeah! I raised my hand, he walked over, handed it to me, and walked away as if nothing unusual had occurred. How totally random, huh?

    Thankfully, it didn't ruffle my feathers, just made me raise an eyebrow. =) I'll look forward to reading your blog in the future! I'd love for your to swing by my blog!