September Sponsor Spotlight

My sponsors are the best. Seriously. I truly appreciate the support they have given my blog and they are all just so dang talented, it blows my mind! I hope you will take a minute to visit each of them and see for yourself. I asked them to tell me their favorite thing about Fall and this is what they had to say:
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"I absolutely love fall fashion! There is just something about getting cozy in a dark colored sweater & drinking a latte that makes me swoon! But on top of that, I really just love fall! As a Texan, I never knew what fall really was, but now that I live in New York, I can really enjoy all the wonderful colors (on the trees) & smells of fall!" ~ Jennifer from Jennifer Leigh's Blog

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"There are a few things I love about the Fall, like having doughnuts & cider after picking apples on a crisp Fall afternoon. Being able to wear boots and fun & colorful tights again! It also marks the end of baseball season and the start of the playoffs {which I adore!}." ~ Ashley from Bramblewood Fashion

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"The question should be what DON'T I love about fall. The answer would be NOTHING! I adore everything about fall! From the smell of the crisp autumn air to the taste of all things pumpkin. Not to mention, my birthday is smack dab in the middle of October...and I look good in the colors goldenrod and olive. Fall is simply lovely in every way!" ~ Casey from We Took the Road Less Traveled

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"What I like about autumn is that everything is calm. After the whirlwind of summer comes peace, where city dwellers return to their positions and I'm quiet again. Surrounded by the sea and silence, everything returns to normal. The autumn accelerates wind and brings fresh air to create." ~ Claudia from Texturable

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"Love the crispness of the air, the crunchy leaves and definitely the amazing colors God turns the leaves!" ~ Tookie from Tookies Delectables 

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Carlia from Nest Building 101

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Elisabeth from Elisabeth Space Jewelry
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Jet from Fashion Utah
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Carol from Chariot Designs
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Tookie from Oh My Tookies 
Note: Tookies has been a huge supporter of my blog and they even purchased TWO sponsor spaces on my blog this month, one for their shop (which, by the way, is amazing) and one for their new and improved blog.  They are excited to start blogging more and creating a happy, uplifting place on the internet.  Now, if only I could get them to post some of their secret recipes!

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Gentri from GentriLee
Note: She didn't send me a picture, so I decided to steal a photo off of her blog.  This picture is of Gentri and I at Fashion's Night Out.

So, there you go...some amazing new reading material and a few new places for you to spend some money!  I am so grateful for my sponsors and I hope you will go check them out!

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