The Flu, a Style Crush and New Sponsor Spots

I apologize for my lack of posts this week.  I was hit with a bad case of the flu (a huge thanks to my sponsors for providing you guys with some great reading material while I was out of commission!).  Being sick is the worst.  Throw in two little kids running around the house and a husband that has been working 18-20 hour days...yeah, it was fantastic.  The good news is that the flu has passed and I'm pretty much back to normal.  In other news, I am SO EXCITED that today I am being featured as the "Style Crush" over at GBO Fashion!

I absolutely LOVE Shannon's blog...not only is she super stylish, but she is also hilarious! Seriously, how could you not adore someone who posts awesome blooper pics all the time?

Yep, she is the best.  Go check it out.  Also, I have revamped my sponsor system and I am now accepting ads for October.  All sponsor spaces will be the same size (200x200) and rotated for equal exposure.  Oh...and there will only be 8 spots each month, so I can actually have time to promote all of my lovely sponsors!  You can see all the details on my Advertising page, or you can buy a space below!


  1. I've got strep throat and three kids going nuts making messes I've been too sick to make them clean up! So I know how you must feel. Glad to hear you're better!

    1. Yikes! Yeah, it's way too hard to make them do anything when you can't even take care of yourself!! I hope you feel better soon :)

  2. Hi Jenny! Glad you are feeling better. Just checked out your feature on Shannon's lovely blog... congrats!