Wardrobe building tips from Fashion Utah

Hello Modern Modest Beauty fashionistas! September is such a great month. The weather is changing, we’re pulling out fall gear and for me it marks the anniversary of a special experience I had while working in Hollywood.
You see, I was styling a celebrity client who was undergoing some scrutiny in the tabloids. The woman was beautiful, posed and a dear – but her self-esteem had taken a dive due to one bad publicized shot. As a tear streamed down the woman’s face, her make-up artist turned to her and said, “girl, don’t let them get you down. You wore one bad thing. Throw it out and be done with it all.”

Fashion can change us, but before it does, we have to learn how to work with it, so today I want to cover some basic tips for building a wardrobe. I’m not talking fit and color here (we’ll save that for another day). Instead, these tricks will teach you how to fill your closet with items that both work for you and save you money in the long run.

So here goes:

Spend your money on the classics.
We all love to get great deals, but there are a few items you shouldn’t cheap out on (unless of course you find it on an amazing sale). This principle is applied to what we call “classic” clothing, which includes that perfect pair of jeans, a great blazer and that LBD. These items have timeless cuts that fit your body well. They are usually less ornate and are the staples to your wardrobe. Don’t think that this means you can’t buy colored jeans or trendy items though. Just spend less on the trends; after all, you only get a season or two to wear them.

Live by the rule of three.
It is a rule you’ve probably never heard of, but if you are truly interested in building a wardrobe - not just outfits - make sure that everything you buy can be worn with three other items in your closet. Some stylists will suggest you only need it to match two items, but I prefer three as it gives you flexibility and really makes you think about your closet. Case in point: Who here hasn’t bought a super cheap item and never worn it? *Raising Hand* At least I know someone at Goodwill is appreciating my brand new shirt (tag still attached). If you are on a budget this is the quickest scheme to make you throw your cash down the drain. If you live by the rule of three, you’ll buy less clothing and it will be wearable with what you have. Plus, it expands your creativity! Who doesn’t like figuring out new ways to mix and match?

Accessories are your quickest update.
Confession: I have a jewelry problem. I could buy a new piece of jewelry daily and it wouldn’t be enough. While I’ve always loved accessories, my true addiction began when I started to understand this rule: if you need a quick, cheap way to rock a trend – go with jewelry and accessories. Since we build our wardrobe around classics, we need a cheaper way to work in new trends, seasons and color. If you’re afraid to try a new trend (for example my battle with neon this summer), accessories will help you ease in. They also create great focal points for your wardrobe and are a cheap way to change an outfit’s look.

No matter your style, consider taking your fashion from outfits to wardrobes. Hopefully these beginning tips will give you a great place to start as you try to refine your look and your closet. Just remember, if you get home after a long day and your shirt just didn’t work, girl, don’t let them get you down. You wore one bad thing. Throw it out and be done with it all!


I think these tips are fantastic!  I know I'm guilty of buying things that seemed like a great idea at the time, but then I later found out they went with nothing else in my closet.  Finding a great deal on something is going to be a complete waste of money if I am never going to wear it!  Thank you so much Fashion Utah for this great lesson on building your wardrobe.  Make sure to check out the Fashion Utah website, as well as their Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest!

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  1. I am loving all these tips. The rule of three is a great thing to keep in mind. Thanks.


  2. I live by the rule of 3... Everything I buy I try to think of different ways I can wear it...great tips!! http://www.roros-world.com

  3. I have the opposite problem with accessories.. I think they all look silly on me. I love these tips though!

  4. What amazing tips! I am definitely taking these back to my wardrobe. Rule of 3 from now on!


  5. Loving the rule of three! :)


  6. I've never heard of the rule of three before, but that's a great concept, and a way to make sure that what you buy actually gets used.

  7. I think you brought up so great ideas. I am trying to update and redo my wardrobe.

    Thanks so much for sharing