Apricot Lane Boutique

Top: Apricot Lane, Skirt: Apricot Lane, Bracelet & Earrings: Apricot Lane, Shoes: Sears

When the gorgeous Aubry from Apricot Lane Boutique in Provo asked if I would be interested in creating my own signature look and being their "Blogger of the Week", how could I say no?!  If you live in Utah, you have probably heard of this great clothing shop...but if not, you are going to be so glad that I introduced you! 

Not only are the clothes fantastic, the customer service is amazing!  I felt bad because I had to bring my kids (luckily I had the help of my dear friend Catherine), but the employees were extremely helpful and they even had toys to entertain the little ones while I looked around and tried stuff on.  I really appreciated that little gesture, because there are a lot of moms that have to take their kids shopping with them and having something to occupy children makes it SO much easier!

It took me a while to look through all of Apricot Lane's adorable Fall clothes, but I finally decided on this cream ruffle-sleeved top.  The cute bow detail around the collar is what really won me over!  I paired the top with a striped chevron pencil skirt, then added some copper jewelry.  I named the look "A Touch of Rust", because of the rusty brown/copper accents.  Rust is such a great Autumn color and I love how it gives this outfit a subtle Fall look!

If you live in Utah, make sure to go visit Apricot Lane.  They are located in Provo at The Shops at Riverwoods.  You can also stay up to date on their latest products and sales on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest!

Oh, and you know what made the experience even better?  Being able to shop with my blogger friend Alycia! She was creating her signature look at the same time, which made the always awkward task of posing for outfit pictures a little less embarrassing.


  1. Great skirt! Everyone's getting these great prints in, I love it.
    Hope you can check out my latest post and enter my giveaway.

  2. I love this outfit you look stunning Jenny (:


  3. You look absolutely gorgeous! Love your outfit :)

  4. you look amazing! love you girls!

  5. LOVE that blouse! The tie and the sleeves are just precious!
    Sheaffer :)

  6. You look great! I love everything about this outfit!

    Kate @ A Journey in Style

  7. LOVE this outfit - especially that skirt!! Are there any Apricot Lane stores outside of Utah?

  8. You are correct, I am so happy you introduced me:) the first thing I said to myself when I saw this post was "holly Hannah! That skirt is amazing!

  9. I seriously want that skirt. Maybe there is a way to order it online?

    1. Jennifer, I bet if you gave them a call they would be able to ship it, if they still have it in stock. The number is (801) 224-4432.