Kingdom & State

Hi ladies, we at Kingdom & State recently launched our new modest clothing line and we're so excited to share!  Yes, we know, another modest clothing brand.  However, we're not the same as the rest, we promise.  We have a great line of basics that's not only better quality, but also a better fit and a lower price.  Our caps have a lower neckline at the front and lower neckline at the back, making it way more versatile.  Plus, the length is slightly shorter than other modest caps, making this better for tucking.  We also offer camis, demi's and maternity, but our biggest seller is our line of slips.  These are slips like no other.  Not only are we the first to offer modest slips, but they are so luxuriously soft, you'll never go back to those lesser slips. 
Check out our full range at www.kingdomandstate.com.  Come, give Kingdom & State a try.  It'll be the best change you've made this year :)

Oh and be sure to like us on facebook to take part in our weekly giveways.  This week, we're giving away free camis.  facebook.com/kingdomandstate.com

Psst... Purchase before October 31st and enjoy FREE shipping on all orders.

I happen to love layering tees, so I'm really excited about this new line of basics!  Especially the fact that the necklines on the tops are a little lower...the ones I currently own are a tad too high for my liking.  In my opinion, the whole point of an undershirt is to cover just enough skin to keep my outfit modest, because I am usually just wearing them under a sheer top or under something that doesn't have long enough sleeves.  Kingdom & State also has great prices, so go check them out!  You can also follow along on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest!


  1. Funny, I just heard about this place a few days ago and their basics look great. My friend got the slip skirt and it feels amazing. Its on my to-buy list.

  2. #1. Love this blog. Just stumbled upon it. #2. The more "modest clothing" stores there are, the less likely you are to show up wearing the same thing as everyone else, right? That is the worst!

    1. Thanks! And yes, I totally agree :)