Manicure Monday: BB Couture "L I P" Collection Swatches and Review

I know I'm a day late for Manicure Monday, but I just couldn't skip it, because I'm so excited to share the new collection from BB Couture Nail Polish!   It's called "LIP", which stands for "Ladies in Polish".  Today I have swatches of 3 colors and I will show you the remaining 3 shades from the collection next week!

This is "Maniputive Martian".  It's a gorgeous purple polish with fine glitter, giving it a subtle sparkle.  This shade of purple is leaning more toward the blue side, having a cooler tone.  It was very opaque in two coats.  I didn't use a topcoat in these pictures, but I would highly recommend one, because you will want to smooth out the slightly uneven texture caused by the glitter.

I think "Sexual Space" is my new favorite pink nail polish!  It's such a pretty hot-pink, packed with fine glitter.  This one also had great opacity.  I used 2 coats with no topcoat, although you will want to use one, because it will really improve the appearance and make it last longer.

"Physical Evidence" is a deep-red color, with fine glitter.  I'm not a huge fan of red nail polish...so the color really needs to impress me if it wants to win me over.  This one was just O.K. to me.  However, the color is pretty...so if you like red nail polish you will probably like it!  Once again, I used 2 coats (no topcoat). 

BB Couture retails for $10.95 and can be purchased online at bbnailpolish.com.  Their nail polishes are free of Formaldehyde, Toluene and DBP.  They are also vegan friendly and cruelty-free.

(Product was provided for review, but all opinions are my own)


  1. Definitely a must try!! :) I will try this brand soon!

    The Misty Mom

  2. I'm normally not a huge fan of glittery nail polish, but I really like these colors. They manage to be glittery but not too teenage girl with the sparkle, and I love that they're pretty opaque - most glitter polishes are super sheer, and take about a dozen coats to look solid.

    Thanks for the tip on these polishes! Can't wait to see the rest of the colors next week... if they're as good as these ones, I may have to look them up!


  3. Cute sparkly nail polish!!