Hi Everybody!!
I'm going to tell you a little about myself and my work!

I am a mother of 26 years old, entrepreneur and lover of creating.  I live in Punta Rubia (Rocha), on the east coast of Uruguay, with my boyfriend and our son that is almost two years old.  Surrounded by nature, I sleep with the sound of the ocean and wake up every day looking at its immensity.  I think I'm the luckiest person in the world and I am achieving a good balance between the two things I love most in life: family and fashion.

Right now I'm doing my thesis on dyed wool in order to graduate as an Industrial Textile Designer and in a few years I would like to continue studying.

My brand started the last year of my schooling (2009), with my graduation collection named "Texturable".  I had amazing feedback from my teachers and people in general and the collection sold out immediately.  I started to sell other versions of the collection, which had the same results.  As texturable means sustainable textures (from the Spanish “texturas sustentables”), I kept working with that concept.  I decided to use the name that I already had and build the brand from there.  I always knew I wanted to work by myself and this gave me the opportunity to develop something I love to do, with something that people want and like.

Why are my pieces special? First of all, I make most of the materials used in the clothes and different items I design.  I do research, develop and create textures that are later applied to the different collections.  That's why the starting point goes further than just choosing a genre to make an outfit.  Each item is conceived from its material until the last detail.  My items are completely handcrafted.  Felts, dyes, embroideries, everything is handmade;  I create everything with dedication and patience.  Occasionally I work with other people, mainly for big productions or in making shoes, but I always have the rule of making everything first by myself.  Most of my items are one of a kind, meaning they are unique as a result of its handcrafted production, which provides singularity and relevance to every piece of clothing.  All my clothes carry energy and expression and, in this sense, I try to put all my dedication toward expressing that in who will wear it.

To finish I'm going to leave you my recommended items for this Fall:

Coral Infinity Scarf | Felted Fringe Scarf | Fringe Boot Cuffs | Felted Moto Jacket
I hope you enjoy these words and thanks to Jenny for giving me the space to let you know a little about what Texturable is!

Please use the coupon code "ModernModestBeauty" to get 15% OFF your purchase.  This is will expire November 27th.  I'm sure you can find something for you, or as a gift, in my shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/texturable.


Claudia is an incredible designer and I can really tell that she puts her heart and soul into everything she makes!  I hope all of you lovely readers will take a moment to go check out her shop, because it is filled with high-quality, handmade items.  You can also follow along on Facebook and Twitter!


  1. WOW! that looks like a really great collection!


  2. She has some really beautiful stuff here! I love it. What a great company and idea!