Zoya Ornate Collection Swatches and Review

I am so excited about the new Winter collection from ZOYA nail polish! The Ornate collection is full of sparkle and includes 6 beautiful shades that are perfect for the holidays.  

Up first is "Logan".  In my opinion, this is the perfect Christmas green...I know I will be using this a lot in December!  It has a slight goldish-yellow tint and very shimmery finish.  This color was very opaque in two coats.

Next up is "Aurora".  This pinkish-purple polish has a gorgeous holographic effect, with lots of sparkly glitter.  This was less opaque than most of the other colors and probably could have used a third coat, but it's pretty either way.

"Blaze" is definitely one of my favorites in the Ornate collection.  It's a glittery raspberry-red, with a holographic shimmer.  Perfectly opaque in two coats.

This yellow-gold foil is "Ziv".  This is my least favorite color in this collection.  Not that it isn't a pretty color...it just looks horrible on my skin tone.  Other pale people might have the same problem, but I can see this being gorgeous on darker skin.

The next polish is "Electra".  This is a clear polish with tons of silver bar glitter (some small pieces and some large).  At first I thought this was only meant to be a top coat, for layering over other polishes, but the glitter is so thick...I think it works better all on its own!  However, I do want to try brushing it over a plain dark color.

My absolute favorite color in the ZOYA Ornate collection is "Storm".  I never thought I could see myself sporting black nails, but the holographic glitter in this polish makes it so much better than your average black polish!  It's really hard to photograph this beauty, so you will just have to trust me on this one!  This was also very opaque in two coats.

I also wanted to see what a couple of the other colors looked like on top of "Storm".  I love the way both "Aurora" (left) and "Blaze" (right) looked with the black base!

I really do love this collection.  But that doesn't surprise me, because I LOVE glitter!  Each polish retails for $8 and you can purchase these great colors on www.zoya.com.  

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(These were sent for review.  However, all opinions are 100% my own)


  1. So so cute!!! I love Electra & Storm!! What fun polish :-)

  2. So fun and sparkly! Perfect for the holiday season!

  3. So I just did my review, .... and realize I have a LONG way to go until my pictures look anywhere near as good as yours! I need to learn to paint better! lol And I like the idea of layering storm!

  4. I love Aurora over Storm! so different and pretty!