I recently had the opportunity to try out the redesigned ShopStyle website, before it launched.  Now that it's here for everyone to enjoy, I can tell you all about it!  For those of you who haven't used it before, ShopStyle is a website that helps shoppers search for clothing and accessories from tons of different stores, all in one place.  I have to say, I think the new site is SO much easier to navigate and much more useful than it was previously.  There are also more great features than there were before.

The filtering tool makes it really easy to find just what you are looking for.  I loved that the site made it simple to find items that fit my style, as well as my budget.

Another thing I loved was the ability to save my favorites, so it's easy to come back later and purchase them.  If you are searching for a particular item (such as a pencil skirt) and click on the "Related Looks" tab, you will find lots of outfit inspiration...this was my favorite part!

ShopStyle has become more of a community than just a way to shop.  You can comment on looks that other people have created, create your own looks, gain followers and make online friends.

The "Create A Look" part of ShopStyle is very similar to Polyvore.  You put together outfits with your favorite clothes and accessories and then save them for everyone to see.  It's pretty fun and really addicting (but time consuming).  I definitely think you should check out this site and try it out yourself!

(This is a sponsored post, but the opinions are 100% my own!)

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  1. Sounds really fun! I could seriously waste so much time coming up with outfits! Haha