December Sponsor Spotlight

It's time for the December sponsor spotlight and once again I have some amazing people to introduce you to (unless you already know them, then you are already aware of how awesome they are!). I asked these lovely ladies to share their holiday plans and this is what they had to say: 

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"Christmas is one of my favorite holidays! Some of my favorite things about December is Christmas cards, time with family, lights, candy, smiles, shopping, the smell of gingerbread and family bingo!!! Holiday times are the best!" ~Kelsey Bang

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"One of the many things I enjoy about December is blinking, twinkling and flashing Christmas lights! I can't wait to take my light tour to go see the lights at the Riverwoods and Downtown Salt Lake City (this year I'm going to try the Jungle Bus to tour the city). I'm also planning on spending time drinking a lot of hot chocolate and ciders at my local boutiques because they are hosting tons of fun gatherings that even my husband enjoys going to." ~ Jet from Fashion Utah

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"Spending time with my husband and our three little girls! We'll attend a few parties, visit local holiday-lights displays (there's a new one this year at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens we're looking forward to seeing), go to the movies. The girls love baking, so we always find time to make some special holiday treats. We try to keep it low-key and relaxing." ~Liza from Better Dresses Vintage

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This is the incredibly talented Claudia from Texturable.

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This is the beautiful Cara Loren'.


I'm so grateful to have such wonderful sponsors.  These ladies really are super amazing and you should definitely go check each of them out and say hello!

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