Vintage + Modest = A Perfect Match, by Liza of Better Dresses Vintage

Vintage clothing offers endless opportunities for the modest dresser to showcase her individuality and style, without showing it all.

Take skirts, for example. With the exception of 60s minis, vintage skirts are cut longer than similar styles available today. Not only are they more suitable to a modest lifestyle, they're far more flattering. 

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Compare these images of Gwyneth Paltrow. If a movie star looks leaner and more elegant in a slightly longer skirt, wouldn't we all?

I certainly think so. Yet, as many of you have no doubt discovered, for those of us who'd rather not resemble a "Real Housewife," it can be challenging to find knee-length or longer skirts at the local mall.

And that's where vintage comes in! With vintage clothing, modest cuts are the rule rather than the exception.

No matter your personality or body type, there are vintage styles to suit your taste and your lifestyle. From 20s flapper dresses to 80s party frocks, you can be fashionable, not frumpy, in vintage.

Here are just a few examples of stylish vintage options for all those upcoming holiday parties:

 1960s Purple Wiggle Dress
 70s Baroque Stripe Dress
40s New Look Velvet Party Dress

And it goes well beyond party dresses. Vintage skirts, sweaters, dresses and accessories can fit beautifully and affordably into your modest everyday wardrobe.

The best part? Clothes of the past were made to last, and unless you're seeking out rare or high-end designer labels, vintage offers the very best value for your money.

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Happy Holidays,

Thanks Liza!  I love vintage fashion...and I really love that there are tons of vintage pieces that are so classy and sophisticated! You can also find Better Dresses Vintage on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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