Crazy for Cobalt

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One of my favorite colors for Fall is cobalt blue.  When you think of this upcoming season you are probably envisioning dark reds, olive greens or burnt orange...if the trees are wearing it, so should you...right?  While I definitely love these traditional shades, I really like how cobalt blue can bring a pop of bright and bold color to your Autumn wardrobe.  If you don't think you would feel comfortable wearing a cobalt dress or pants, experiment with a couple accessories (I am loving the Fergie shoes pictured above) or even some bright blue nail polish (such as Essie "Aruba Blue").  If you decide to try out some cobalt clothing, keep the rest of the outfit simple.  Throw on a pair of blue pants, add a black top and some basic gold jewelry...now you're good to go!

What do you think?  Will you be sporting the Cobalt trend this Fall?

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Guest Post: Lynn from Jockey Person to Person

Hi ladies,

My name is Lynn O’Donnell and I have my own fashion business with Jockey Person to Person. This amazing and fastest growing division of Jockey International has really changed my life. I was with a fortune 100 company for many years with a very stressful job when I came across Jockey at a ladies shopping event…go figure! I loved the style and comfort of the clothes from day one and our designer is so fantastic, the fashions get better with each season. I no longer work in Corporate America, I now work for myself and I am healthier than I have ever been! I LOVE MY NEW JOB! Well if you can call it that? I do parties and events with women for a living. We have a cocktail or coffee, a few snacks and then play with clothes. It doesn’t get any better than that...well actually it does because at the end of a fun filled few girly hours I get paid too! Our compensation plan pays better than any other in the industry and it is so easy to bonus up to 40% by growing your own team.

Legging | Glam Biker Jacket | Slim Leg Cords

We reward our hostesses generously with free shipping and highly discounted prices for their own wardrobes. And most months the customers get a special product discount too.  Our garments are fashion forward, very well priced, made with exceptional quality, and are machine washable! No more paying the dry cleaner to pick up your own clothes. Traveling with our garments is a dream come true, no over packing or ironing required with Jockey!

Cap Sleeve Cowl | Ruffle Cardigan | Jersey Skirt

So, if you are interested in purchasing a Jockey garment, or having corporate and financial freedom by having your own fashion business, please call me at (310) 344-9236 or email comfort4u@mindspring.com. Join the #1 team in the USA and take advantage of a community of women committed to helping you achieve your dreams.

Warm regards, Lynn O’Donnell


I am so glad I had the chance to introduce you to my lovely sponsor Lynn.  I love promoting women in business and I think this is such a great opportunity for those ladies who wish to work out of their home and set their own hours!  I hope that you will all take a moment to check out Lynn's website and see what Jockey Person to Person has to offer.  I would also love if you would follow Lynn's brand new Comfort4U Facebook Page!


Guest Post & Giveaway: Amourx Handmade

These owl necklaces are my favorite!
 My name is Colleen Chan and I currently reside in the beautiful city of Melbourne, in Australia.  I have always had a passion for jewelry since I was a little kid.  It was uncommon for me to be without any form of jewelry or accessory, but because I was little and penniless I would rummage through my Mother's jewelry box and I could literally spend hours just sitting there and admiring all the pretty little things in there--sometimes pieces went missing but my Mother would then know where to find them ;)
 Mini Moustaches | Wooden Hearts | Floral Studs
This love for jewelry translated all the way into University, where I finally discovered my individuality.  I started to become bored of all the mass-produced, similar-looking jewelry and accessories in stores and one day, as I sat in my ever-growing pile of jewelry and accessories, a thought came to my mind that I could actually alter some of these pieces to suit my own taste!  And lo and behold, I found a pair of pliers from my Dad's toolbox and started adjusting necklace lengths and taking out some charms and even adding them onto a different necklace. 
Tribal Necklace | Purple Czech Beads | Elk Necklace
I took a further step and experimented with new creations and not long later, started making jewelry from scratch and giving them to friends as gifts.  They loved what I made and I was very happy.  One day, a good friend of mine casually mentioned that I could be selling my creations, but the idea soon evaporated because I didn't have the confidence to plunge in and take the risk.  However, this burning desire to grow my passion remained deep within the recesses of my heart...Up until I had to pay off a loan and was desperate for the money.  

In 2010, I started off small on Etsy, the online handmade marketplace, and sales quickly hit off!  I was in disbelief for a while and struggled to cope with the shock (and the incoming orders too - as I was a full-time student at the time and had zero experience with handling online orders).  After awhile, it settled in and I have been happily creating ever since.  I've moved on from Etsy, and setting up this website is my new adventure.  I honestly can't wait to know what is in store for me (genuine excitement here!)! 

Thank you for taking the time to read my long story, and I hope you find something in my store that you like!


Mini Brass Bow Earrings

Isn't Colleen's shop adorable?  I love how everything is very reasonably priced...with free shipping Worldwide!  I hate thinking I'm getting a good deal, only to find out shipping is super expensive.  But her jewelry is cute, affordable and free to ship!  Today Colleen is giving you lovely readers a chance to win the sweet little bow earrings pictured above.  Make sure to enter using the Rafflecopter widget below.  You must be a follower of Modern Modest Beauty to be eligible.  The giveaway will be open until 9/1 and is open to readers Worldwide!  Good luck!
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Manicure Monday: Butter London Autumn 2012

Oh, Butter London...how I adore thee.  I am super excited about their new Fall collection, mainly because there is a lot of glitter and sparkle! I have swatches of three beautiful colors today: Shag, Dodgy Barnett, and Lovely Jubbly.
First up is Butter London "Shag".  This one is a metallic orange, with a hint of burgandy...so it's the perfect Fall color and totally reminds me of the Autumn leaves!  I don't have anything like it in my nail polish collection and I love that it's so unique.  I used two coats and it had nice coverage.
Next up is "Dodgy Barnett", which is a silver holographic polish.  Oh my goodness, I love holos and this one is a beauty!  Indoors, in natural light, this color looks like it just has a plain silver shimmer...but step outside in the sun and it is so colorful and sparkly!  I used three coats, but it looked alright at two.  I really want to try this over another color!
Last, but most definitely not least, is Butter London "Lovely Jubbly". This is a purple rainbow of glitter, so obviously I am a fan! The main color is magenta and it has small flecks of blue, red and gold glitter.  I used three coats of this glittery goodness and a thick clear topcoat. 

I thought this color looked rather familiar, so I checked my stash and realized that it looks a lot like NYC New York Color "Big City Dazzle". As you can tell by the last picture, they look almost identical in the bottle and the glitter is definitely the same color. However, "Big City Dazzle" is just meant to be a top coat and I'm guessing it would take around 9 coats to get the same effect as "Lovely Jubbly" (I used 3 coats in the picture).  So, I guess it isn't really a dupe (unless you have time to paint on an extra 7-9 coats...I suggest paying the extra money).

The Butter London Autumn/Winter 2012 Collection also includes "Gobsmacked" (dark-gray glitter) and "Trustafarian" (golden-green holo), both of which I also need to add to my collection!  I think my favorite is probably "Lovely Jubbly"...this girl loves her purple!  Which is your favorite? What's on your nails this week?

(These products were sent for review, however these opinions are 100% my own)


Sunday Style: JUNIEblake Dress

Dress: c/o JUNIEblake, Belt: Thrifted, Shoes: Charlotte Russe (old)

Today was a good day. There were two really good talks in church, the kids both behaved and we are having meatloaf for dinner. I LOVE meatloaf. It's probably the only thing I actually know how to make well, but tonight Emery offered to make it...I'm not going to argue. Plus he makes the best mashed potatoes ever...like seriously, I have never had better mashed potatoes.

I'm thinking about starting a new linky party called Sunday Style. It could be a place to show off what you wear to church each week (or if you don't go to church it could just be something dressy that you wore). What do you think? Would anyone be interested?

P.S. I am in love with the Paisley dress from JUNIEblake. It's stretchy, comfortable and pretty! They have a great line of modest dresses, which I think would look super cute on anyone...so go check them out!

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August Group Sponsor Giveaway

It's that time of the month again (no, not THAT time...haha)!  It's time for the monthly Group Sponsor Giveaway and this is definitely a good one!  Some of my amazing sponsors are giving away some great stuff, so be sure to go check out their blogs/shops and show them some love!  One lucky winner will take home all ten of these lovely prizes:

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Guest Post & Giveaway: Three Years Down

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Today I get to introduce you to the lovely Brittany from Three Years Down.  I am fascinated with her life as a lawyer and the fact that she somehow, even with her busy career, finds time to blog about her life!  I know you will love her blog as much as I do, so please go visit her and say hello!  I asked Brittany to answer a few questions to help you readers get to know her...make sure you enter Brittany's great giveaway after you read all about her!

1. When and why did you start your blog? What are your favorite things to write about?

I started Three Years Down in 2009 as a way to procrastinate studying for exams. It began under a different name and was mostly used to track a list I had started each month – “My favorite moment of the day.” After about two months I realized that I didn’t want any of my law school friends to know about my blog. I changed the name and address, and here we are. :)

I think my favorite things to write about involve my faith.  There are so many amazing bloggers and blog readers who I have connected to in such a close and honest way through it.  This includes people who don’t share the same faith as I do.  Those posts are also pretty popular, and tend to elicit comments, thus continuing the discussion even more.  I love continued discussion!

Brittany at Law School Graduation

2.  What made you decide to become an attorney?  Was it a lifelong dream of yours? What was the biggest challenge you faced while preparing for this career?

Being an attorney was a lifelong dream of mine. However, I didn’t really know what I was getting into.  I am the first in my family to even go to college, so the entire experience has been a bit of a battle, in that I had no idea what to expect.  The biggest challenge has probably been being taken seriously.  From being a law student intern, to working at a prestigious law firm, opposing counsel has underestimated me.  I graduated from school pretty early.  That makes me a young, blonde, female attorney.  We are pretty rare, and it is still a man’s world, unfortunately.

Luckily, I think it has made me a better lawyer.  I absolutely do NOT want to lose against those chauvinists.  So I probably up my game more.

The best part about law school was definitely the friends I made. We completely have each other backs, and support each other during those "good ol' boys" moments when we are too frustrated to sit at our desks.
3.  Any advice for someone thinking about working in the law field? Any tips for those getting ready to take the Bar Exam?

The law field is very different from many others. You are in a career with people who were likely the best-of-the-best throughout their life.  I struggle with this, because in Christianity it is a valued trait to be humble and selfless.  The law does not really see it this way.  Law school was a huge eye opener to a whole different attitude of people who wanted to be number 1 at any cost.

Preparing for the Bar Exam was literally the worst three months of my life.  My advice would be to not put so much pressure on yourself.  I became a total nutcase and barely had any fun all summer.  I was terrified of failing.  I also had to start clerking immediately after graduation.  I worked 15-20 hours a week while studying.  The exam is over in a blink of an eye, and then the real torture begins – waiting 2-3 months for the results!  As it turns out, every single one of my friends passed, and NONE of them were as crazy as me.  In fact, some of them even had FUN that summer!  If you’re interested, you can read all about my bar-exam-crazy here.

4.  You have a section on your blog dedicated to 101 tasks in 1001 days...why did you decide to start this and how much have you accomplished so far?

I don’t actually remember why I started my 101 in 1001 list.  It was while I was studying for the Bar Exam though, so it was probably another procrastination method – see a pattern here?

I have completed about 40% of my 101 goals.  I don’t have much time left to finish the other 60% (February 2013), so I guess I should get busy!

Brittany being sworn in to be a lawyer

5.  What are your goals for the next year (for both your blog and your personal life)?

In the next year I hope to really find my “fit” in my career.  It seems like an easy thing to do, but in this market it has been really hard.  I am feeling pretty out of place at the moment.

For my blog, I hope to settle into my “voice.”  I want my blog to be a place of honesty and vulnerability.  I am finally getting used to the idea that people really do read what I write.  I shouldn’t waste their time with pointless, boring or useless posts.  I hope that I can also be an encouragement to those who read it.


Doesn't Brittany seem amazing?  Well, I think she is extra amazing, because she has offered to give away a copy of the book "The Gospel According to Coco Chanel" and a Large Ad Space on her blog!  I am pretty intrigued by that book...I might just have to go out and buy it myself!  Make sure to enter using the Rafflecopter widget below.  The giveaway is only open to those with a U.S. shipping address and will be open until August 28th. You must follow both Modern Modest Beauty and Three Years down to be eligible :)
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Knee-High Boot Love

I've enjoyed Summer, I really have...but I am definitely ready for Fall!  I love the cool, brisk air and the beautiful leaves changing color on the trees.  I love watching football games with Emery and I love that many of my favorite T.V. shows start up again.  But most importantly...I love the boots!  I put together a collection of the most beautiful tall boots I could find in various price ranges.  I would buy every single pair if I had the funds (which I definitely don't), but I think at least one pair of these beauties will make it's way into my closet.  Hmmm, which ones would you pick?

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