Barielle Shades "Carnival Fiesta" swatches and review

I always get really excited when I discover a new nail polish brand that has quality lacquer in lots of pretty colors!  Barielle Shades is one of these great finds and their latest collection, "Carnival Fiesta", is right up my alley.  It includes 5 shimmery colors: "Lindsay's Dancin" (red), "Rio's Rockin Bands" (purple), "Holiday Madness" (green), "Jillian's Jammin" (blue), and "Wanna Samba" (grey).  Here are some swatches of the collection:

"Lindsay's Dancin" is a shimmery, metallic red. It's nothing really unique, but it's a nice red color.  Opaque in two coats.

"Rio's Rockin Bands" is a gorgeous metallic magenta-purple.  It has a bit of a frost effect to it, which is pretty, but it has a tendency to show streaks if you don't apply it right.  Opaque in two coats.

"Holiday Madness" was my one of my favorites.  It's a lovely metallic olive green, which reminds me of a Peridot gemstone.  It's unlike any color I have in my collection and even my husband loved this one!  Opaque in two coats.

"Jillian's Jammin" was another favorite of mine.  This color looks completely different depending on the lighting.  As you can see, it's a sparkly teal blue...but in some light it looks completely purple! I couldn't get my camera to capture the purple very well, but you can see a little bit of it in the first picture and you can really see the duochrome in the bottle.  This polish needed three coats to become opaque.

"Wanna Samba" is a really pretty duochrome, with the shimmery color shifting from grey, to green, to purple!  I love this color.  I have seen some similar shades from other brands, but this one has a more grey base than others I have seen.  It was opaque in two coats.

The formula on all of these was great.  The only one that needed three coats was "Jillian's Jammin", but the incredible color was worth the time spent adding another coat.  You can purchase Barielle Shades on their website, where each polish retails for $8, or you can get the whole Carnival Fiesta collection for $25...which is definitely the way to go if you like all the colors!

Which one is your favorite?

(Product provided for review. However, all opinions are 100% my own.)


  1. I think the purple or the grey/green/purple one - how fun! Soon your new nail shelf will be full and you'll have to add on! lol :)


    1. Oh, it's already full. Haha...I just need to find time to build another one!

  2. All of them look much better on your nails than in a bottles! Last one is my favorite, it's amazing!

  3. Oh my! Those colors are amazing. I am especially loving Wanna Samba. Lindsay's Dancin and Holiday Madness are also gorgeous.


  4. They are all pretty but I don't think the olive green would work with my skin tone. My favorites are the red and purple.

  5. I think my favorite is Wanna Samba; it's so funky!