Smokey Platinum Blonde by Lena from Hairspiration

An Angelic Hair Color Trend for 2013 I Love:

Platinum blonde is a hair color option that has gone in and out of fashion - and right back in again - since the days when Marilyn Monroe was still a living goddess and not just a nostalgic icon. Every time that platinum blonde makes a comeback, it does so slightly differently and in 2013 hair fashionistas are very excited about smokey platinum blonde.

Adding the grayish, smokey undertone to a brilliant platinum blonde does a lot to soften what can be a rather harsh look and when done correctly the shade almost has an angelic quality to it and it can look as stunning on a woman of 40 as it can on one of 20.

Getting the smokey platinum look is not easy though. If you are a devotee of salon color then the task will be much easier but you still need to find a talented colorist who knows how to use the great smokey platinum shades available the right way and prevent them from looking brassy, something that is always a challenge with any light blonde shade.

Getting the look at home? That is far trickier. You would certainly need a great pre-lightener (like Clairol's Born Blonde), even if you already have hair that is fairly light, and a good toner to add the silvering effect (their Ultra Blue is a good choice). To get the best results though, you really should head to a salon.

Choosing the Right Make Up for the Smokey Platinum Blonde Look:

Choosing the wrong makeup can ruin your brand new smokey platinum blonde look, so proceed with care and caution when making up. The one thing that such a light blonde shade does tend to do to anyone, whatever their skin tone, is make any small blemishes look a little more obvious than they would if their hair were a darker shade. That means that unless you were blessed with the skin of a newborn you do need to find a foundation that matches your skin tone but offers a little more coverage than you might be used to.

In terms of eye make up almost anything goes but you should keep the old 'less is more' adage in mind when applying any color. Too heavy eye shadow in any shade tends to look garish on a woman with very light blonde hair. Shades that complement this hair color very well though would include a soft rose or lilac, or for the more adventurous a pale (very pale) lime green.

If you are going to go with the softer eye look then you can probably get away with a bolder lip. Bold red is often the choice of many women with very light hair but it can be rather harsh looking. A softer, slightly pinker shade is often far more flattering, but still as striking.


Bio: Lena has been fascinated with hairstyling since she was a child. These days she runs the site http://hairspiration.org where readers will find all kinds of hair-related inspiration.

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