Spring and a Sponsor Spotlight

Even though it's the end of April, here in Utah it is still way too cold for my liking. Spring is supposed to mean warmer temperatures isn't it?! I'm sure the heat will arrive soon and then I will probably start complaining about being too hot, but for now I will keep dreaming of soaking up the warm sunshine! I asked my lovely sponsors to share what they are looking forward to this Spring and here is what they had to say: 

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"Spring typically brings new designs! I have a great spring skirt I'd like to see in the store soon and some re-designs on bags for summer!" ~ Ooh Baby Designs

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"There are so many things that I am looking forward to this Spring, but there are two trends that I'm obsessing over specifically, lace and neon colors! Lace is so feminine, girly, and so fun to wear! Its been a huge hit on the runways for this season too! Wearing neon colors also is something I am looking forward to, I think that it just fits the season so perfectly and its such a fun trend!" ~ Blushing Boulevard

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 "It has been a busy past few months for me as I am *finally* completing my Masters degree. This spring ( I live Down Under!), I look forward to the graduation trip I have planned for the past 1.5 years. Will be jet-setting off to Canada and the US for a whole month, escaping the winter chills and soaking up the heat on the other side of earth. Yay! " ~ Amourx Handmade


  1. Congrats on your masters and hope you have an amazing trip. Where are you going in Canada? I live in Vancouver.

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  2. Loving that nautical stripped tote!