Straw Bags: Splurge or Save?

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One of the trends that I'm loving for summer is the straw bag.  It's the perfect bag for the beach, but it's also a great everyday bag for the upcoming season.  They are lightweight and they can be found in all kinds of patterns/colors, as well as different styles...straw bags aren't only found in tote form these days!  

I picked out some of my favorites in different price ranges, which you can see above.  So, my question for you lovely readers is...would you rather splurge or save on a straw bag?  Personally, this is a "save" item for me.  Straw bags are generally not as durable as leather or other tough fabrics, so you aren't going to get as much wear out of it.  It's also not something you can wear year round (unless you are in Hawaii or somewhere that has nice weather all the time).  However, I'm sure the higher-end straw bags are better quality and would hold up for a longer period of time.  What do you think?  Which one is your favorite?


  1. The kate spade one gets my vote. I would slurge if you were going to wear it alot.

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  2. I've been debating the Mossimo bag from Target ever since I saw a woman in front of me in line buy it a few weeks ago. It's really pretty! For me, a straw bag would definitely be a 'save' because I just wouldn't expect it to hold up for long.

  3. i like number 6 but i would'nt bother splurging on it.They tear easily.

    xo Emmy

  4. my fave is number 5, but there is no way I would spend that much on a bag!

  5. I too am a sucker for a straw bag, but I am all about the cheap option. You can get some really cool ones in markets all around the world, and then you don't have to worry about them getting ruined in your luggage and whatnot. I would not spend a bazillion pounds on a designer straw tote. I would go vintage first.