Exploring Utah: Stewart Falls Hike

I have lived in Utah for eight years now.  It truly is a beautiful place, with so much to do outdoors!  Most people just think of Utah as a great place to go skiing, but there are plenty of things to do outdoors all year round!  My family loves to go hiking, so we are making an effort to explore as many different trails as possible this year.  

This past week we decided to try out the Stewart Falls trail.  It's an easy hike, about 4 miles roundtrip, which my kids were able to handle without too much complaining.  We hiked along the trail through the beautiful forest beneath Mt. Timpanogos, which had plenty of great views along the way.  Once you reach the waterfall, you can cool off in the ice-cold water if you want, or just take a seat on a rock and enjoy the beauty!

Emery took the same trail back to our car, but my daughter and I wanted to take a different trail that led down to the Sundance Resort.  This trail seemed to be a little shorter, but it also had great views.  Emery picked us up from the resort and we headed back home.  I can't wait for our next hiking adventure!

Do you hike? Any places you recommend going?


  1. I've been to 10 different hiking trails in Utah. I would recommend Silver Lake Flat (to Silver Lake) and Timpanogos Cave Monument. Gentri wrote about these trails earlier this summer.

    1. This looks like a great place and I can't wait to explore it.

  2. WOW!! I really need to explore Utah for as many times we've been there. I feel like I really don't know Utah!!

  3. Those are such beautiful pictures! I've never been to Utah before, but I hope to visit someday. I've heard only good things about it, so maybe it will have to be my next vacation spot. Thanks for sharing the great scenery with us!


  4. Such beautiful pictures! It looks so calming too. Perfect vacation spot :)

  5. it's such a beautiful place! and you have a beautiful family! :D

    p.s. i want to start hiking! :)

    <3, Mimi

  6. This looks gorgeous! And your daughter's boots... those are the cutest thing I've ever seen. I'm actually going to be in Utah with my husband next week and we are looking for a lot of cheap/free outdoorsy things to do. If you have any recommendations for the SLC/Provo/Park City area please do share :)

    Jessica Jean Blog

  7. Wow gorgeous. I would love to hike there. We go hiking as well here in LA but mostly in canyons.... Haven't found a spot like that here!

    Rhea @ RheaEtcetera.com

  8. gorgeous pictures! I have never hiked there, I need to go!
    Courtney Rae

  9. Beautiful trail. I love hiking, but sadly haven't had a chance for last couple years. I think I am gonna have to start looking up trails near by Illinois. :)

    - Sukhi