Manicure Monday: Patriotic Nail Art

4th of July Manicure
4th of July Manicure

Since the 4th of July is coming up in a couple days, I wanted to try some patriotic nail art for Manicure Monday.  One of my lovely readers, Hannah, wanted me to attempt a "Captain America" mani...I figured this week was probably the best time to try it out!  Unfortunately it wasn't as easy as I thought it would be.  I wanted to replicate his shield on one of my nails, but I just couldn't get it to look right...so the star with the circle around it was as close as I could get.  I added some red and white stripes to the nail next to the star, so I think it still has a Captain America feel to it.  Either way, it's definitely patriotic and my nails are all ready for Independence Day!  

The white polish is China Glaze "Dandy Lyin' Around".  I also used the colors "Nan" (red) and "Char" (blue) from my June Julep Maven box.  You can use the code FREEBOX to get your first box for free...you just pay shipping and there is NO commitment!  I personally love this subscription box.  It's so fun getting new nail polish delivered to your door each month!

Do you have any fun plans for the 4th?  I think we might go hiking and have a BBQ.  I'm just happy to not be working on the holiday!


  1. Aw, thank you so much for trying it out! It looks great--definitely *way* better than my patriotic nail polish, which I also tried out today! I've never been very good at nail art, and I flatter myself that today was a better day than normal :)

  2. LOVE this! I have my base coats done already and tomorrow I'll add the blue stripes and red heart from this classic: http://pinterest.com/pin/242983342366874259/

    I would so attempt a star design like yours here. It's so cute. But I've never known how to draw stars on paper, let alone on nails! I always end up with a disfigured looking starfish shape instead, haha.


  3. Cute nails! I just started following as I found you from This Little Blonde's post! Can't wait to read more!
    Ashley @ the power of one

  4. Love those prints


  5. I love these, great job!


  6. What a fun mani! I'm always afraid to do my own nail art for fear of an all-out disaster, but yours looks fab!

    Fizz and Frosting

  7. Your nails look so pretty!
    Congrats on a great blog, I love it!
    I just followed you and I'm checking out your older posts. If you can, check out La Dolce Moda and if you like I'd be so honored if you follow :)

    La Dolce Moda

  8. Such detailed nail art is hard to pull off so don't feel bad about that shield! Did you use nail tape to get those stripes straight? I always find that I'm too impatient and end up smudging it all when I try to do anything more than a solid colour.

  9. cute nails http://differentcands.blogspot.kr/2013/04/again-blue.html

  10. Wow these are absolutely amazing! You have such a talent xx
    Heroine In Heels