One Blazer, Three Ways: Day Two

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Blazer: c/o Wallis, Striped Tee: Old Navy, Jeans: Old Navy, Shoes: Target (similar), Necklace: Forever 21 (similar), Bag: Kohls (similar), Stud Bracelet: c/o HelloFab, Gold Spike Bracelet: c/o SiraMara

Yesterday I shared one of my favorite ways to wear my black Wallis blazer (with a maxi dress) and today I'm going to share another great option.  Pairing a blazer with jeans is one of my favorite combinations of all!  It's perfect, because it's such a versatile outfit.  You could wear this to work, school, dinner, a party...really just about anywhere!  You could even swap out the heels for flats, if you want some added comfort.

P.S. This is probably about as daring as I have gotten with the mixing prints trend...and I'm not even sure that the striped shirt and leopard shoes count!

I can't wait to share my third blazer look with you tomorrow, so make sure to come back and check it out!

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  1. I have this same exact necklace from F21, I love the mixed metals, and often wear it with a striped shirt!
    This Ever Evolving Life

    1. I love it, cause it goes with so much! And the price was pretty good too :)

  2. Uh, yes it does count for those of us who are less daring at mixing patterns! ;)

    I was just going to point out how awesome this outfit looks with nautical stripes and leopard high heels. I don't think I could pull that mix myself! I need to step out of my boring little box. LOL


    Ana Paula

    1. It's definitely hard pushing yourself out of your comfort zone! I'm sure you could pull it off!!

  3. love your shoes!
    I made another polyvore set of one of your outfits.


    It's one of your old posts, but I thought you might enjoy it. :D
    (I'm better at doing polyvore when I have something to "copy" :p)

  4. I really like blazers and jeans together, and the striped top is perfect :)

    Away From Blue

  5. I do agree that this outfits is probably one of the most versatile because you can never go wrong with it.

  6. hi good outfit!
    I follow you on twitter facebook, bloglovin and blog.
    thank you kiss good weekend!

  7. Great outfit and the jeans fit you to a tee.