Nail Polish Organization

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you probably know about my slight nail polish addiction.  And if you're new around here, now you know a random little fact about me!  I have developed quite the collection...and owning a lot of these little bottles requires somewhere to put them.  I have searched the internet and was able to come up with 12 options for nail polish storage and organization.  Not only are these ideas functional, but they are also great ways to display your pretty and colorful nail polish collections!

1.  I guess I will start off with my own nail polish rack, which I made with the help of my Dad.  This is what I currently use to display my collection, but unfortunately I didn't make it big enough.  I would need at least two of these now...so I guess it might be time to build another one!  You can see the full post here.

2. I love this cake stand nail polish display, put together by Design Eur Life.  This is the perfect option for someone who has a smaller collection, but still wants to make it look nice.  These cake stands are from the Martha Stewart Collection at Macy's.  I think these cake stands are perfect and I might have to order them, even if I don't end up using them for nail polish!

3. A jar or vase is another option for anyone who has a smaller number of bottles to store.  I love how Belinda Selene displayed her nail polish in a glass jar on her dresser.  I think this Target apothecary jar would work great for this purpose!

4. I'm really excited about this DIY project from This Mom's Gonna Snap.  I've seen these IKEA spice racks used so many ways (I've been wanting to get some to use as bookshelves in my kids' rooms), but I love how perfect they are for holding nail polish!  Just paint them whatever color you want and voil√†...easy nail polish rack!

5. Not really into DIY?  Well, don't worry...just buy a spice rack from the store!  Happy Healthy Pretty's rack looks fantastic on her wall, don't you think?  You can get this same spice rack at Target at a great price!

6. Shoe Organizers aren't only for shoes...sometimes you have to think outside the box, just like Next On Tiff's List did.  This hanging display makes it simple to sort your nail polish by color, so you can easily find what you are looking for next time you need to paint your nails!  These organizers are only $15 at Bed Bath & Beyond (if you were to use one of their coupons it would be even less).
7. Another easy option is this acrylic nail polish stand, which holds 50 bottles.  If you have space on a dresser or counter, I think this would look amazing.  The different levels make it easy to organize, as well as access the polish.

8. If you have a lot of lacquer, but don't want to deal with organizing it on a shelf...how about a tray?  Just Love.ly used a cute wooden tray with dividers to store her nail polish.  I like this because it makes it easy to see what you have, but also easy to put away if you decide you don't want your collection out on display anymore.  If you don't have a tray, you could use a drawer organizer that would serve the same purpose.

9. How fun is this DIY spinning nail polish display by Life Ann Style?!  These stands are absolutely gorgeous and I love that you can rotate them to find exactly what you are looking for.  I'm not sure if I like the silver or the glass better...both are lovely!

10.  Perhaps you have an old wooden spice rack collecting dust in your attic?  If not, I'm sure you could check out a few garage sales and find one that would work.  I love the fun green color The Speckled Dog painted this rack that she already had in her stash.  Gotta love the power of a little spray paint!

11. Here is a wonderful acrylic nail polish rack that will make your room feel a little bit like a nail salon, but without the bad smell (am I the only one who hates that smell?).  It's lightweight and fits around 80-90 bottles.  Unlike my DIY rack, this doesn't require any cutting, drilling, or painting...so that's a plus!

12.  The final nail polish display option I want to share with you is this DIY hanging wire shelf, created by Mad in Crafts.  It was made for craft paint, but is also the right size for nail polish!  I love the visual effect it has when placed on the wall.

Well, there you have it folks...12 pretty ways to display your nail polish.  So what are you waiting for?  Go organize that lacquer!


  1. Ah, thank you for posting this! I've been wondering where I can find an acrylic rack (okay truth - I haven't actually looked, I've just wanted one). I like the counter storage, but who has the space for that? Probably not someone living in a one bedroom apartment! Although not that I'm looking around, the spice racks seems to be the less expensive way to go...so many options!


  2. I am a mess when it comes to nail polish. Never been a big polish fan, but like to have a few select colors, and they lie among my other non-essential makeup stuff..sigh..great collection of nail polish storage ideas here..Thank you.
    Visit me @ http://willfullyelegant.wordpress.com

  3. Thank you so much for the ideas! I was just thinking the other day how I was going to organize my ever-growing stash of nail polish. These tips will definitely help.


  4. So many great ideas, I am definitely stealing one....just not sure which one yet!
    Thanks for sharing.


  5. PVC wire shelf is a a beauty! I just had my husband this past weekend build me a vanity that I cried about for 2 years now. And finally my whining paid off and he completed this task. I do have a acrylic rack that holds 90 bottle but where i want to hang this display the wall is not large enough.

    I really love the wire PVC Shelf how it displays.

  6. These are all such great ideas! All of mine are currently just in boxes (not pretty at all). I might use one of these ideas!! Thanks :) x

    Karen, sincerelykn.blogspot.ca

  7. I love the shoe rack one! Such an easy way to get them all out of the way but still being able to display them too! Thanks for the tip!


  8. i love option 11 and 12 and would like more information i have a small place and would like to store all my nail supplies thanks