7x7 Remix!

I'm so excited to be participating in a fun little collaboration with a few other fabulous bloggers...it's called the 7x7 Remix! The idea is to pick 7 pieces from your closet and mix them up into 7 different outfits...super fun, right?! 

Natalia // Me // Carly // Alissa // Agi

Here are the “rules” if you want to join in...
  • Choose 7 articles of clothing from your closet.
  • Shoes, accessories, and jewelry don’t count.
  • Create 7 different outfits, with the main pieces being the 7 you chose.
  • Create a blog post featuring said outfits and be sure to include the super awesome button below.
  • Come back next week to link up your blog post!
  • Use the hastag #7x7Remix to connect with others taking the challenge! Blogger or not, you can definitely participate!

I hope you will all participate with us!  I think it's important to really use the clothing you already have by wearing it in different ways...although it can definitely be a challenge sometimes!  Here are the pieces I chose:

1. Faux Leather Leggings: c/o Warehouse
2. Lace Tank: Kohls (similar)
3. Plaid Flannel Shirt: Kohls Mens (love this one)
4. Jeans: Paige Denim Verdugo Skinny
5. Boom Sweatshirt: 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target
6. Embellished Sweatshirt: Old Navy
7. Chambray Shirt: Kohls

<a href="http://manouvellemode.com" target="_blank"><img src="http://manouvellemode.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/7x7.jpg" alt="manouvellemode.com" width="350" height="250" /></a>

So...do you accept the challenge?  I can't wait to see what pieces everyone chooses and how they end up styling them!


  1. Sounds so fun! And you picked some dang good pieces, too. I'm already trying to pair them together in my head to see how you'll mix em!

  2. Ooh fun!! I did a 30x30 remix two years ago but I never finished it. I'm thinking about joining in!!


  3. ok this looks so fun. I'm just getting into fashion blogging (meaning I've done like barely 2 posts about fashion) because I've been too nervous to but I think I'll start with this! Thanks!

    Kelsey @ ijustliketheb.blogspot.com

    1. ps...when do we post/ is it dumb that I'm wondering where to use a hashtag in my blog so it links to things? Thanks!!

  4. I'm just wrapping up a 30x30 challenge...I think it was a great learning experience!