Scarves are cozy...in case you didn't know.

Sweater: Old Navy, Coat: BB Dakota c/o Lulu's, Jeans: Old Navy, Alpaca Scarf: c/o Faire Collection, Boots: Target

There is just something about a cozy scarf and a warm coat that makes me happy inside.  Most of my friends feel completely different, but I'm actually excited for the snow this year!  Maybe it's because I haven't had to get up early to shovel my driveway and scrape ice off of my windows yet...yeah, I'm not looking forward to that part.  But I really love staring outside at a fresh snowfall, when the world appears to be perfectly quiet and peaceful.  My kids seem to always choose snowball fights and snowman building over snuggling up with a blanket and drinking hot chocolate...and that's perfectly alright with me too!  

I know this handmade scarf will be spending many snow days with me this winter.  I had never worn anything made from alpaca wool before...my goodness, it's so warm and comfy!  It was sent to me by Faire Collection, a company that partners with artisans around the world, trying to help better the lives of people from impoverished communities.  I love businesses that try to make a difference and really concentrate on their social impact!  Knowing that an artisan made this scarf by hand makes it even more special...it makes me appreciate the item a lot more than most of the other things in my closet! 


  1. Love the coat and scarf! It's looking pretty nippy where you are as well just now ... It is freezing in Scotland!!!

    Laura xx

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  2. Thank you for sharing this lovely post. Please can you give me some tips on Romance over at ireminisces, thank you so much...

    Take Care

  3. Beautiful outfit! I really love the color of your coat and boots!

  4. Great look and you and that Coat is such a Good match for your lips and hair.

  5. Gorgeous pictures!! I also love cozy scarves and warm coats...completes an outfit.

  6. That's a lovely scarf! I do know they are mega cozy, but I kind of needed a reminder as I haven't busted any of my scarves out yet. Great look!