Christmas Gifts for Men

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Today I'm sharing one final gift guide for all of you last-minute shoppers.  I usually get at least half of the items on my Christmas shopping list from Kohls and this year was no different!  They always have the best sales and coupons, so why wouldn't I shop someplace where I can get more for my money?! Here are just a few of my favorite Kohls gifts for men:

1. Every guy needs a good pair of headphones.  These Monster on-ear headphones come in several colors and can be used with phones, tablets, gaming consoles and more!

2. Christmas is always a good excuse for me to buy my husband some new clothes.  I love the style of this patterned crewneck sweater and I think it would look great on most men.

3. Some guys might be opposed to carrying around any type of "man bag", but I think most guys would love the classic look of this leather briefcase bag...it's both functional and professional.

4. One of my husband's favorite scents is Lacoste essential cologne.  It's not too strong and it smells so good!

5. If you are looking for a gift that is sure to get a lot of use, a Norelco Sensotouch 2D razor should be at the top of your list.  This high-rated razor comes complete with a cleaning and charging system.

6. A pair of nice dress boots would be perfect for men who work in an office, or even just for wearing to church each sunday.

7. My husband is on his phone ALL THE TIME, so it would be nice for him to have a good pair of texting gloves in the winter.  They are touchscreen compatible, which means he wouldn't have to constantly pull his hands out of his gloves to use his phone!

8. What guy doesn't like to throw on a comfy, plush robe when they get out of the shower? 

You still have time to ensure your Kohls purchase is delivered by Christmas...just make sure your order is in by 11 pm (CST) on Thursday, December 19th!  I'd love to hear what you are getting the men in your lives for Christmas.  I've finished up most of my shopping, but I still need to get a couple stocking stuffers!

This post is sponsored by Kohls.  However, all opinions are 100% my own.)


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  2. This is what I need to find more often in blogs! It's so hard to shop for my guy since he's pretty good buying everything for himself, I mean, he has everything. But, I love the bathrobe idea. Thanks for sharing this list.

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  3. Yep, a good robe is number one on my husbands list this year!