Holiday Fashion Challenge

Dress: TFNC from Lulu's, Shoes: Payless, Clutch: Target, Bracelets: Kohls, Nailpolish: "Your Present Required" c/o China Glaze

One of my favorite things about the holidays is being able to dress up for all the festive parties!  But let's face it...the fancy party attire can get pretty dang expensive.  However, there are definitely ways to make your holiday outfits much more affordable.  I ALWAYS use a coupon code when I'm shopping online and the first place I check for them is at RetailMeNot.com.  So when the lovely people at RetailMeNot asked if I wanted to be a part of a Holiday Fashion Challenge, I knew it was the perfect opportunity...since I already use their codes all the time!  Each blogger was given $150 to come up with a fabulous holiday party outfit, consisting of at least 3 items.  

I knew I needed a dress for my husband's fancy work party and I knew I wanted some sparkle!  I seriously searched hours upon hours trying to find the perfect dress.  And then I found it.  There it was, in all it's sparkly glory...but there was just one problem: It was $123.  There was a coupon code for 10% off, but even then it was $110.70 and that left less than $40 for the other 2 items!  I knew I had to keep looking, so my search continued.  

I couldn't stop thinking about it though...I was having dreams about this dress!  It HAD to be mine!  And then, guess what?  A different coupon code popped up on the RetailMeNot website, for 15% off!  Now the dress was down to $104.55. This is still more than I would usually spend on a dress, but it was just too gorgeous to pass up, so I was willing to work at stretching that last $45.45!

I opened up a browser and checked out my go-to store: Target.  I found this pretty black clutch and was able to use a coupon code to make it $16.01, leaving me with $29.44.  Ok, this was getting scary, but I knew there was one place I would be able to find cheap shoes. Yup, Payless.  Usually I can't find anything I like there, but these black heels were the perfect style to go with my new dress! I just love the pointed toe with the ankle straps.  They were on sale for $24.99 and there was a coupon code for 20% off, making them only $19.99!  This left me with $9.45, so I visited my other go-to store, Kohls, and found these silver bracelets on clearance for $4.80 ($4.08 after 15% off coupon). 

So, this entire outfit came in at a grand total of $144.63!  Here is the breakdown:

    Original Price: $123
    Purchased For: $104.55 (using promo code WEHEART15 for 15% off)

    Original Price: $19.99
    Purchased For: $16.01 (using promo code ONEDAY for 15% off)

    Original Price: $29.99
    Sale Price: $24.99
    Purchased For: $19.99 (using promo code 70144 for 20% off)

4. Silver Bracelets from Kohls.com
    Original Price: $24.00
    Clearance Price: $4.80
    Purchased For: $4.08 (using promo code GOBBLE15 for 15% off)

I can't believe I was able to make it work, with the dress being as much as it was, but I'm so glad that I did!  You can see what the other bloggers came up with over at The Real Deal by RetailMeNot.

(This post is sponsored by RetailMeNot, however all opinions are 100% my own!)


  1. Such a cute outfit!! Love love love your blog.I just happneded to stumble across it :)


  2. As usual, your outfit is stylish, flattering, age- and event-appropriate, and modest. Well done!

  3. Wow! I may have to finally check out retail me not! Those are some great deals on a beautiful holiday outfit!

  4. you are so great at telling stories. i was hooked. i was laughing when you were like... "ok, i had $29.44 left and it was getting scary!" haha... felt like a thriller.

    but really though, that dress looks 3 times more than what it actually cost!

  5. I love your outfit, especially the dress!

    xx Courtney

  6. Hot mama! The dress, the hair, the nails! And the price :) You rocked it!

  7. You are so beautiful in that dress! Love it. Especially the colour and that it is all sparkles.


  8. What a fantastic dress and looks amazing with your red hair!

  9. oh wow, good for you for making it work! i love the dress! :)

  10. really darling! adore the pretty dress texture and sparkle. you look fab
    kw ladies in navy

  11. This dress is gorgeous and I love how it contrasts with your hair!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  12. Seriously gorgeous! You look like the little mermaid come to life!
    Kat | www.poshbykat.com