10 Fun Date Ideas for Valentine's Day!

The day of love is almost upon us and if you happen to be a procrastinator (like myself), you may not even have a date planned yet!  I wanted to come up with a list of easy Valentine's Day date ideas, that don't involve the regular old dinner and a movie...

Image via Color Me Mine Provo
1. Paint Pottery.  Most major cities have a place where you can go pick out pottery pieces and paint them however your little heart desires.  Here in Utah, we have a Color Me Mine and it's probably my favorite place to go on a date!  

Image via All Star Bowling
 2. Go Bowling.  Who doesn't love bowling?  I might be biased (since I got engaged in a bowling alley), but it makes a great date and I love the fun, casual environment!

3. Get a Couple's Massage.  What better way to enjoy a romantic night with your love, than receiving a relaxing massage together?  

Image via Trump Rink Central Park
4. Go Ice Skating.  Even if you can't make it to NYC for an ice-skating session in Central Park, there are plenty of ice skating rinks all across the country.  Don't know how to ice skate?  Watching your date learn how to skate is even more fun!

Image via Utah Symphony
 5. Attend a Live Performance.  There is bound to be a live performance of some kind happening near you on Valentine's day.  Whether it's a play, the symphony, a live band, or a local comedy troupe...live shows make such a perfect date-night!

6. Recreate Your First Date.  Take a walk down memory lane and head back to the place where your relationship all began.  For me, that happened to be getting ice cream at Cold Stone Creamery...which is ALWAYS a good idea in my book.

Image via Atlanta Humane
7. Volunteer at a Local Charity.  Have a memorable and meaningful date doing something to help others.  Head to your local homeless shelter, children's hospital, animal shelter...the possibilities are endless. 

8. Go Dancing.  Note to men everywhere: you don't need to have Travolta's dance moves to take your lady out on the dance floor.  Just making the effort to try your hand at dancing will most likely make your woman swoon!

Image via Nickel City Orem
9. Visit the Arcade.  Sometimes it's fun to just be a kid again, right? 

Image via SheKnows
10. Enjoy the Great Outdoors.  Just because it's cold outside, doesn't mean you can't experience the great outdoors!  Spend your Valentine's Day exploring some beautiful scenery, whether it's snowshoeing, hiking, skiing, fishing...there are so many options!

What are YOU doing for Valentine's Day?


  1. i love these ideas! we went bowling on christmas eve and i'd forgotten how fun it was!

  2. Found this a little past Valentine's Day but will totally be working my way down this list this month :)