DIY Tablet Case Tutorial

I've been looking for a case to protect my new Samsung Galaxy Tab3, which I received as a member of the Intel tablet crew.  All of the cases I've seen for sale weren't very fun or cute, unless they were waaaay out of my price range.  Well, I came up with a cheap and easy solution!  

First, you will need a simple case.  I was able to find a basic, black case at Walmart for $10.  Next, you will need fabric.  I had been saving some old clothes that I never wear anymore, because I knew I could use the cute fabric to make something...and I was right!  You could also use scraps of fabric leftover from past sewing projects, old sheets, etc.

Cut the fabric into strips that are 2-3" wide and about twice as long as your tablet's width.

Starting at one end of a fabric strip, pinch the top together to create a little ruffle.  Hot glue to the top edge of the tablet case.  

Continue pinching the fabric and gluing along the top edge, until you reach the other end of the tablet case. 

This is what your first row should look like.

Repeat this process, gluing the next strip of fabric about an inch lower than the previous row.

Keep alternating the colors/patterns of fabric.  Getting closer!

Once you reach the bottom, finish the sides by cutting off any excess fabric. Use hot glue to tuck the sides in a little bit.

Now, just put in your tablet!  Granted, the ruffles make it a little girly and feminine, so this probably isn't the best option if you share your tablet with your husband...but I like it!  Let me know if you have any questions and I'll try to get back to you ASAP!

P.S. I'm really loving my Intel powered tablet.  It's fast, lightweight and super convenient.  Since I'm gone for work fairly often, it's nice to have a small tablet to bring along with me, instead of toting around my laptop!

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