The Weight is Over.

I've never been a very healthy person.  It's not something that I'm proud of, but it's just the truth.  Burgers, pizza, and other greasy American food have always been my favorite.  Then there are my other weaknesses: cake, ice cream, chocolate, cinnamon rolls and other yummy pastries!  I've also never been a huge fan of exercise.  Obviously, my love of food and being anti-exercise was a horrible combination.  It just wasn't a healthy lifestyle...at all.  I've tried diets in the past, but I've never had the willpower to stick with them for very long.  Even if I did lose weight, as soon as I started eating normal again I would just gain the pounds back.  The main problem was that nothing ever helped me to actually change my bad eating habits. 

Then I discovered WiO (Weight Is Over).  Their program is actually designed to reset your pancreas, liver and digestive system, which in turn helps the body to shed unwanted fat.  It also helps lower blood pressure and cholesterol, as well as normalize blood sugar levels.  These were the things that really pulled me into the program, because the goal is to actually change the way your body works, instead of just putting a band-aid on the problem.  The other big selling point is the opportunity to meet with a health coach every week at their office in West Jordan, Utah (My coach Anders is awesome and incredibly motivating!).  I hop on their special scale, which measures not just my weight, but also my body fat percentage, hydration levels, and muscle mass.  These are important things that a normal scale can't tell you and it really gives you a true assessment of your progress, which I love!!

The WiO lobby and friendly staff.
The InBody 570 scale: measures body fat, muscle mass, water levels and more.

You are probably wondering what I eat on this program, right?  At first, the main component of the diet is WiO's nutritional meal-replacement shakes.  The shakes are packed with protein, fiber and whole food vitamins and minerals.  They are 100% all natural, non-GMO, gluten free and don't contain any preservatives! I eat a shake for breakfast, a shake for lunch (along with some veggies), a healthy dinner (such as chicken and vegetables), and a shake in the evening after I work out. 

WiO has so many flavorings that you can put in the shakes, so you don't get bored...my favorite is the Mint Chocolate!
I'm not going to lie...those first few days were HARD.  It's not because I was starving.  I was actually always full, but I was still getting cravings for all those fatty, greasy foods that I love.  However, after a few days those cravings started to dwindle away and I found myself really wanting to eat healthier.  I'm not saying there aren't days when I want to chow down on a big piece of chocolate cake, but those feelings are much less frequent than they were before.  I've discovered that I DO have willpower, which was something I never thought I had when it came to eating.  

Throughout the program you are introduced to new, delicious WiO SmartFoods.  I'm in love with the pepperoni pizza...I was incredibly surprised at how much it tastes like regular pizza (but it's only 159 calories and 3g net carbs)! You can also have snacks inbetween meals, such as string cheese, or one of WiO's special SmartMuffins (which contain less than 2g of net carbs!).

So, what results have I seen?  I've been on the program for 4 weeks now and I've lost a total of 12 pounds...the majority of that being body fat!  I've gained a little muscle and lowered my visceral fat levels (fat that wraps around your organs and can cause major health problems).  I have more energy and I just feel so much better overall.  The weekly check-ups keep me motivated to do my best and I've been really good about working out lately!

If you have any questions about WiO, feel free to ask here or e-mail me.  Also, if you are interested in trying out the program, you can use code jenny10 for 10% off any WiO Diet products!  I'm excited to keep making progress toward living a healthy lifestyle and I encourage you all to make healthy living a priority in your lives...it's definitely worth it! 

(Product was provided for review.  However, all opinions are 100% my own.)


  1. How awesome + great goals :)


    1. Thanks Jenna! I am excited to keep working hard at it!!

  2. There's a shake called ViSalus, a fitness drink probably similar to WiO that I love. I drank it long enough so that I actually started craving it! The same happened when I started drinking green drinks last summer, too. Healthy eating can be yummy... and healthy living can be fun. I hope your health+fitness journey continues to be a positive one.


    Ireland Rhea: a lifestyle blog

    1. Isn't it so weird how your body can completely change what it craves?! Thanks for the support Ireland!

  3. I have never heard of these products, but I am super interested! Thank you for sharing!
    Blonde with a Chanse

    1. I really think they are fantastic and they have definitely worked for me! I wouldn't share if I didn't actually recommend them...they are definitely worth trying out :)