A Frozen Halloween.

My favorite holiday is now officially here...Happy Halloween everyone!  I've been dying to share these photos of our costumes, which were taken by the insanely talented Alex Wright Photography.  In case you didn't know, my whole family is obsessed with this holiday and each year we dress up as a group (you can see some of our past costumes here).  Last year Alex took the photos of our Batman themed costumes and I was so impressed with the way she perfectly captured everything, I knew I needed her to work her magic again this year!  

For this Halloween we decided to dress up as characters from the Disney movie "Frozen".  If you have kids, you probably have the entire soundtrack engrained in your head.  If not, I'm guessing you still know what it is (unless you live under a rock).  My daughter is dressed as Queen Elsa, I'm dressed as Princess Anna, Emery is Kristoff, and my son is Olaf.  I handmade the Kristoff and Anna costumes, but I ended up just purchasing the Elsa and Olaf costumes. 

Since the story is based around snow, we decided to take a mini road-trip and head out to the Bonneville Salt Flats.  It was the perfect place for a "Frozen" photoshoot and the kids had so much fun running around (and getting dirty) in all the salt! I'm so incredibly happy with the way these pictures turned out...yet again Alex exceeded my expectations!  I can't stress enough how much I recommend booking a session with this photographer.  Alex is super affordable and knows what she's doing.  Make sure to check out her website and you can also find her on Facebook!

Sorry for the picture overload...I just can't help it.

Have a Happy Halloween! Stay safe and don't eat too much candy!


  1. You always have the best Halloween costumes!!! Have a great halloween! I am sharing my family's costume today on the blog too.


    P.S Hope you stop by and join TBT Fashion link up.

  2. How cool are these photos?! So cute! I recognize the costumes even though I still haven't seen the movie, which is kind of crazy I guess.

  3. This is so perfect, I can't get enough!

  4. Such a cute idea for a family costume! You all look great! :) Hope you had a wonderful Halloween! :)

    Away From The Blue

  5. Gorgeous shots! You look perfect!

  6. Don't apologize for the "picture overload"-- I think I speak for all of us when I say we don't mind! This is too cute!! You are all so perfectly in character! And the salt flats were a genius idea. There's no telling that's not snow.

    Hope you had a happy Halloween! :)

  7. This is so cute, absolutely adorable. We definitely do not mind many picture. You all look perfect.Love it and i love Frozen <3