Halloween 2015: Minions!

I figured it was time to break my blogging silence and I can't think of a better time than my favorite holiday...Halloween! As you may or may not already know, we are one of those cheesy families that like to dress up together in themed costumes (see here, here, or here). This year we decided to go as characters from Despicable Me...Gru and his Minions!  

I procrastinated big time this year, so I needed costumes that were somewhat simple.  For the Minions, all I really needed to find were overalls, t-shirts, beanies and gloves. The hardest part was making the goggles (they are made out of PVC pipe, elastic and spraypaint), but I think they turned out pretty decent.  The Gru costume was super easy, because we already had a black jacket and black pants.  I found the striped scarf at Kohls and the mask at a Halloween store.  Emery was just happy that his costume was so easy this year!  My favorite is probably the evil purple minion...even though it took a half bottle of conditioner to un-tease that crazy hair!

P.S. Does anyone else charge their kids a "candy tax" or am I just a horrible mother?

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  1. you guys always have the best halloween costumes! super cute jenny!