About Jenny

Hi, my name is Jenny!  I'm a wife and mom of two.  I'm also a flight attendant and I can usually be found daydreaming about my next vacation!  I love travel, fashion, crafts, movies, animals, my church and anything involving the outdoors.  I am possibly the worst housewife you will ever meet.  I don't like to cook and I really hate to clean.  I do love to bake...but I mostly just love to eat! 

I started this blog as motivation to stop wearing my husband's sweatpants every day.  Let's face it...when you have kids it's hard to find time to get dressed.  However, I firmly believe that setting aside a little time for yourself helps to make you a happier, better mom.  For the record, I still love the sweatpants.
Want to know anything else?  Shoot me an e-mail (jenny@planepretty.com) and I will do my best to get back to you!

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